Juventus, PSG - Mercato : ca se précise pour Paul Pogba !

Juventus, PSG – Mercato: this is clear for Paul Pogba!

According to information from Fabrizio Romanothe Juventus of Turin would have taken action for Paul Pogba. The Bianconeri would propose € 8 million per year with additional bonuses bringing it closer to € 10M. So of course, we are a long way from what Manchester could put on the table (€ 400k per week) but the offer is tempting for a club looking to save money.

The PSG will he go on the attack? One can doubt it, especially since time is running out, and the uncertainty about the name of the Parisian coach for next season is a problem to recruit. So the Mancunian seems close to Juventus and must now negotiate with the Turinese the details of his contract, and above all its place in the sports project of the club. Whatever happens, it will be a great arrival, especially free of any contract.


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