Johnny Depp may not be claiming $ 10.35 million from Amber Heard

Johnny Depp may not be claiming $ 10.35 million from Amber Heard

For Johnny Depp, defaming Amber Heard “has never been a matter of money.” That’s what its lawyers stated, implying, in fact, that their client did not really intend to claim the $ 10.35 million in damages obtained as a result of the jury’s decision proceedings. However, there is a condition for him to erase the slate, after his victory almost total in court.

Ben Chew was questioned in Good Morning America on the possibility of finding an arrangement between the two parties to prevent Amber Heard from settling this sum which she is unable to payer according to his lawyer. He responded by reiterating that the sole purpose of the trial was to “restore Mr. Depp’s reputation and that is what he did.”

Not necessarily over

At the insistence of the show’s presenter, Johnny Depp’s lawyer recalled that he could not disclose his conversations with his client, but reiterated very clearly that the money was insignificant to the client. performer Jack Sparrow. “Again, we have to be careful what we say, but it was only Mr. Depp’s reputation,” he said.

Amber Heard, meanwhile, has not yet filed an appeal with the court. For the forensic experts interviewed by the TIME, it would be at his own peril, especially financial. The procedure is long and therefore expensive, and it will have to prove, in advance, that it can take it.

The actress ofAquaman had told the barre she was only able to pay $ 1.35 million of the $ 3.5 million promised to the ACLU because of the defamation suit she had to defend herself against. At the time of their divorce, Johnny Depp had transferred $ 7 million to her: she had insured half to the Civil Rights Association and the other to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. The ACLU had confirmed under oath at the trial that $ 350,000 had come directly from Amber Heard, the rest of which had been settled largely by her ex-partner. Elon Muskand Johnny Depp.

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