Johanne Defay enters G-Land history!

Johanne Defay enters G-Land history!

Johanne Defay won the G-Land Roxy Pro, the sixth round of CT 2022 on the famous left of the island of Java, this Saturday in Indonesia. The Frenchwoman is the first surfer to win. She is now 3rd in the overall standings of the round.

“It’s surreal and amazing to win this competition,” Defay said. It’s been a long week here in the jungle and the waves at G-Land are so perfect today. It’s really special for me to win this victory, beating Carissa Moore is always very difficult. She came back to me in the final moments of the final and it was very tight. Coming from Reunion, the Indian Ocean is my home ocean. It’s just great to be the first woman to win here at G-Land! »
The curse of the quarters is defeated
After five consecutive quarterfinals since the start of the year, so many frustrations and an 8th place overall, Johanne Defay hit a (new) big blow this Saturday in Java. Better than going through this tricky course this season, she prevailed after knocking down two women’s surfing legends: seven-time Australian world champion Stephanie Gilmore in the quarterfinals (12.90-12.60); Hawaiian world and Olympic champion Carissa Moore in the final (14.00-13.33); after getting rid of Australian Bronte Macaulay (13.66-13.33) in the half.
Unpublished triple on the mythical left
Defay has always prevailed, but confirms his qualities on the reef left. this success at G-Land is the third on this type of wave which is reminiscent of that of St Leu where the Reunionese grew up. After Tavarua (Fiji) in 2016 and Uluwatu (Bali) in 2018, the Frenchwoman offers an unprecedented triple on the legendary left of the round. To which she adds her hits on California soil at the US Open (2015) and Surf Ranch (2021).
This success in Indonesia propelled her to 3rd place in the provisional overall standings still dominated by Carissa Moore ahead of Costa Rican Brisa Hennessy. Eighth ahead of G-Land, Defay rebounded in the playoff race that only the Top 5 will be able to see in four events. Oh yes, the regular season ends in August on another legendary left: Teahupo’o.

Roxy Pro G-Land

1. Johanne Defay (Fra) 14.00
2. Carissa Moore (Haw) 13.33

DF 1: Carissa Moore (Haw) 13.83 beat Tatiana Weston-Webb (Bré) 7.50
DF 2: Johanne Defay (Fra) 13.66 beat Bronte Macaulay (Aus) 13.33

QF 1: Carissa Moore (Haw) 14.87 a Sally Fitzgibbons (Aus) 13.14
QF 2: Tatiana Weston-Webb (Bré) 13.36 beat Lakey Peterson (USA) 13.03
QF 3: Bronte Macaulay (Aus) 12.43 to Brisa Hennessy (CRi) 9.83
QF 4: Johanne Defay (Fra) 12.90 a Stephanie Gilmore (Aus) 12.60

Ladies’ Top 5 Provisional World
1. Carissa Moore (Haw) 32,095 pts
2. Hennessy Breeze (CRI) 30,320 pts
3. Johanne Defay (Fra) 28,980 pts
4. Tyler Wright (Aus), 26,050 pts
5. Tatiana Weston-Webb (Bré) 23,915 pts

Championship Tour 2022
January 29 – February 10: Pipeline, Hawaii
February 11 – 23: Sunset, Hawaii
March 3 – 13: Peniche, Portugal
April 10 – 20: Bells Beach, Australia
April 24 – May 4: Margaret River, Australia
– CUT –
May 28 – June 6: G-Land, Indonesia
June 12 – 20: Surf City, Salvador
June 23 – 30: Saquarema, Brazil
July 12 – 21: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
August 11-21: Teahupo’o, Tahiti
– Final –
September 8 – 16: Rip Curl WSL Finals, Trestles, USA


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