NBA Le rôle de LeBron face aux Warriors pour Tatum

Jayson Tatum reveals LeBron’s amazing role in the Warriors!

Jayson Tatum does not hide, he is ready for anything to finish champion in 2021-22. To do so, he has unveiled one of his strategies for tackling Golden State, and it is pretty well seen. She thus involves LeBron James, one of the few Dubs executioners in the Finals…

So far, Jayson Tatum and the Celtics really have nothing to complain about during these Warriors Finals. After three games, they are the ones leading the dance (2-1) and they could even make the break by winning in the fourth inning. It would be essential for them to achieve this, since the series would be completely relaunched if Stephen Curry & co. equalized. Especially since Bean Town would lose the field advantage again…

Beyond the pressure of the result, however, the former Dukie knows that this duel will also win the mind, and so it must be determined like never before in order to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy. The approach taken by him in this case: to observe what the legends of the orange ball did before him, and in particular LeBron James. As he recently explained to ESPN, an accurate post-season game for the Lakers serves as a source of motivation for the Californians. He had already drawn on it against the defending champion:

LeBron version 2012, an inspiration for Jayson Tatum

I had done it against Milwaukee before, I remember we went 3-2 in Milwaukee and went to the sixth game. I remember watching LeBron’s highlights in 2012, when he was leading 3-2 against Boston. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. So when I found myself in those conditions, I watched movies and videos of guys who did it before me, guys I admired.

On June 7, 2012, the King had indeed released one of the most legendary performances in the history of the playoffs, with no less than 45 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists to force a Game 7 that the Heat will win. After this all-time outing, the quadruple MVP went for his first career ring against the Thunder, a success that JT absolutely wants to emulate. In any case, getting inspired by the winger is a good way to achieve this, given his trophy cabinet.

It could be added that it is quite relevant to study LBJ as the C’s face Golden State, given that he is one of the few players to have overcome the Dubs in the Finals. Analyzing their series against the Cavs in 2016 might be a good idea, as the core of the team at the time has not changed an iota. It does not guarantee the final victory, but all means are good to beat the opponent, at this stage of the competition.

Inspired by LeBron James in 2011-12, this is the approach taken by Jayson Tatum to emerge victorious from the opposition against the Warriors. Exactly 10 years after the first coronation of the Chosen One, the symbolism would be very strong in any case.

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