Jarry cold with Kev Adams?  He wishes “good luck” to the new investigators of “Mask Singer” who will be dating the comedian

Jarry cold with Kev Adams? He wishes “good luck” to the new investigators of “Mask Singer” who will be dating the comedian

The end of a great friendship? Next season Jarry will no longer officiate alongside Kev Adams in Mask Singer. In fact, the latter will find himself orphaned because in addition to the comedian, Alessandra Sublet and Anggun also chose not to put their costume of investigators in the program of TF1. If most of you are talking about cravings, wouldn’t there be another concern behind Jarry’s departure?

As a reminder, this one will be posting a brand new program on France 2in the company of Laëtitia Milot. During an interview with Buzz TV du Figarohe unveiled a small range of surprises that he had planned for the public, without revealing too much in spite of everything. “All the spectators, who come to the Marigny theater, think they are coming to see a show. They don’t know that it’s actually a TV show, and they know even less that they’ve been trapped.”he explains very playfully about the idea.

Kev Adams, hard to bear?

Jarry goes on to provide more details on the captured situations that should make the majority of viewers hilarious: “We caught anonymous people doing karaoke with friends. We’re going to bring together, for example, members of the same family who haven’t seen each other in years. It’s complicated to say what’s in the “show, without revealing too much. In any case, on all the surprises, we would like to be in the place of the person who is trapped.”. On the other hand, Kev Adams is not sure what to point his nose at Big Show.

Asked about Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou, and Jeff Panacloc, who will become the new investigators of Mask SingerJarry said he was delighted with such a change. “It’s great because it’s three different generations,” he pointed out before warning them of a very important point “They’re going to get Kev’s humor right and we wish them good luck!”. Of course, this is a humorous tackle from Jarry. And there is no doubt that the main person concerned will soon respond to him. In his own way.

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