Israel announces that its citizens will be allowed to travel to Qatar

Israel announces that its citizens will be allowed to travel to Qatar

A joint statement from The Ministry of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Sports was released on Thursday, explaining that despite broken diplomatic relations between the two countries, Israelis could travel to Qatar.

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“The International Football Association (FIFA) has confirmed that Israeli citizens could enter Qatar during the World Cup and watch the matches like any other fan in the world.”. With these words, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Sports reassured their nationals on Thursday, June 9, of the possibility for them to attend the the World Cup (November 21 to December 18).

The two countries have been cold for years amid Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with Qatar backing Hamas, which has been in power in the Gaza Strip since 2007. In 2012, the Emir of Qatar was the first leader in Qatar. Arab state to visit Gaza Strip. Economic relations between the two countries were established in the late 1990s, but were broken in 2009 by the first war between Hamas and the Israeli army.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid welcomed the deal on Twitter. The love of football and sports connects people and countries. The World Cup in November opens the door to a new warm relationship “he writes on the social network.

To travel, Israeli spectators will need a visa, although there is no embassy. The process will therefore be done online, after purchasing tickets for the global event. Another complication is that there is no direct flight between the two countries, so passengers will probably have to stop at United Arab Emirates or Bahrain, two states with which Qatar has normalized relations.

Eliminated in the qualifying round, Israel is not among the 32 teams that have qualified for the World Cup.

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