"Irma Vep" resurrects the ghosts of cinema

“Irma Vep” resurrects the ghosts of cinema

In 1915, French viewers tried to forget the torments of war by following one of the first soap operas in history in cinema. The Vampires, about the actions of a criminal gang in Belle Époque Paris. At the heart of the ten silent episodes directed by Louis Feuillade, the evil muse Irma Vep (a vampire anagram) embodied the sulphurous antithesis of the smooth heroines of the time, making her performer Musidora the mistress of the surrealists and then the feminists of the years. 1970.

In 1996, Olivier Assayas resurrected this character as a villain cast in a black suit, with Maggie Cheung in the title role, in a cult film in the United States. Twenty-five years later, at the initiative of HBO, the filmmaker transforms his feature film into a series. Interweaving the images of yesterday and today in a virtuoso montage, Irma Vep plays the card of the comedy by staging the backstage of the chaotic shooting of the remake.

Tasty actors

Pointing out the changes in the film industry, vampirized by the big cosmetics brands, Olivier Assayas takes a tender and amused look at the 7th art factory through a series of hilarious scenes where tasty figures unfold: the director unstable, tormented by his anxieties and phobias (irresistible Vincent Macaigne), the grumbling comedian in pain of recognition (Vincent Lacoste), the borderline star addicted to crack (Lars Eidinger), the cynical financier (Pascal Greggory), the psy (Dominica Reymond)

From sets to hotel rooms, Alicia Vikander brings a feline grace and a disarming touch of candor to her American star character, who has landed on a low-budget shoot, trying to escape both romantic relationships. toxic and Hollywood carcasses. A nod to reality as Alicia Vikander has made herself known to the general public for her role in Tomb Raider.


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