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Iran: Revolutionary Guards Eliminate Suspected Spy Officer (Report)

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (CGRI) has eliminated one of its own high-ranking officers from the al-Qods force for alleged espionage.

Colonel Ali Esmailzadeh is suspected of leaking information that led to the assassination of the colonel Hassan Sayyad Khodaï at the end of May, according to Iran international.

However, several sources report that Esmailzadeh died on Monday when he fell from the roof of his building in Karaj, in an incident that the CGRI falsely described as “suicide”.

He was later transported to Shahid Madani Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Other reports indicate that the colonel was eliminated.

After the assassination of Sayyad Khodai by two bikers in the heart of Tehran in front of his home, the Revolutionary Guards carried out an investigation into the leak of information about this officer and decided to kill Ismailazadeh before staging his suicide. .

Iran has claimed that Khodai’s assassination would be “avenged.” “There is no doubt that the hand of global arrogance can be seen in this crime,” said President Ebrahim Raisi, referring to the United States and its allies.

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