Internet users point to Agnès Pavoni's "lack of naturalness"

Internet users point to Agnès Pavoni’s “lack of naturalness”

This Tuesday, May 31, Internet users pointed to the “lack of naturalness” of Agnès Pavoni in “Numerous Families.” Screenshot TF1

An unreleased episode of “Large Families, Life in XXL” was broadcast on TF1. The opportunity for viewers to find the new Pavoni family on their screens. Nevertheless, the mother of four was not unanimous and her “lack of naturalness” was pointed out by netizens.

This Tuesday, May 31, a new episode of “Large families” was broadcast on TF1. Viewers were once again at the rendezvous, especially after seeing the teasing the day before. In the previous issue, fans of the show attended the first meeting of the eldest of the Huberts with his little brothers, born prematurely. An emotional moment that upset the Web. However, these are the last seconds of this episode which caught the attention of the fans. The latter discovered that they were going to find the Jeanson family on their screens.

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The return of the Jeansons makes Internet users happy

This unreleased episode of “Large families, life in XXL“It was expected by the fans of the show. children they were going to move to Reunion Island next summer for two years, and if Marie-Alix and Alexandre were apprehensive about that, their offspring would take the news quite well. caused a lot of hysteria on Twitter, and the good mood was in the game.

“Each sentence is calculated”

This new episode of “Large Families” was also marked by the presence of a completely different family that viewers are not yet very familiar with. This is the Pavoni clan. Freshly landed on the show, Agnes and Romain Pavoni have already spilled a lot of ink. And the tribe-centered sequences have once again created a buzz on the Web. It must be said that the mother of four boys is pregnant with her fifth child. And for the first time, she’s going to give birth to a baby girl. An event that fills her with joy, and perhaps a little too much for the taste of Internet users.

According to Agnès Pavoni, her relationship with her little girl will not be the same as the one she has with her boys. Some netizens then lamented these “clichés” she may have about the mother / daughter and father / son relationship. One thing is for sure, the Pavoni clan is not unanimous on Twitter. And while the mother’s thoughts shocked Twittos, others pointed to her “lack of naturalness.”

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