In the Philippines, Bongbong Marcos' victory rekindles controversy over his clan's undue fortunes

In the Philippines, Bongbong Marcos’ victory rekindles controversy over his clan’s undue fortunes


As new Philippine President Bongbong Marcos is officially inaugurated on June 30, following a landslide victory over his rivals, speculation is rife about what will happen to the Presidential Commission for the Recovery of Bad Property. acquired from Marcos. Founded in 1986 by President Corazon Aquino after the fall of Ferdinand Marcos Sr., the agency, which reports directly to the head of state, has conducted investigations that have already recovered $ 3.5 billion to $ 5 billion the clan under the dictatorship.

His zeal for work often depended on who resided in Malacanang, the presidential palace. After some inertia during the Gloria Arroyo years (2001-2010), the agency found a mordant under Benigno Aquino III (2010-2016) – the son of Corazon Aquino and the murdered dissident Ninoy Aquino. So much so that his then commissioner, Andres Bautista, decided to go into exile after the rise to power of Rodrigo Duterte, a Marcos supporter, to escape prosecution. On May 13, Mr. Bautista was publicly sidelined by the new president’s spokesman. In question, his comments after a Picasso identical to a replica previously seized by the commission was spotted in Imelda Marcos’ apartment when her son came to visit her the day after his victory.

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At the age of 92, Marcos’s widow has been on parole since her conviction in 2018 for embezzling millions of dollars to foundations in Switzerland from her time as Minister of Housing and Governor of Manila between 1976 and 1986. . “The purpose of the creation of these entities is certainly not of a charitable, educational, religious or other nature in the service of the public interest.” had raided the court, but “For the private benefit of the Marcos family”. The conviction of Mme Will Marcos be confirmed on appeal, one wonders, now that his son is head of state, and if so, will he grant him a presidential pardon?

Imelda Marcos and her 3,000 pairs of shoes

The cult of money is inseparable from the reign of the Marcos. “Marcos always said to me, ‘I have no equal in making money.’ And you, to spend it, choosing the most beautiful things ”»candidly tells the dictator’s wife in Imelda Marcos, in the shadow of powera documentary by Lauren Greenfield released in 2019. In the years of martial law, Imelda held sumptuous parties in Malacanang, where she invited celebrities – such as Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida, for the 1976 New Year’s Eve, on a floating casino in Manila Bay.

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