In the immediate appearance of the court of Bobigny, "the case of the Stade de France is a miserable story of pickpocket"

In the immediate appearance of the court of Bobigny, “the case of the Stade de France is a miserable story of pickpocket”

And there were only six left. Of the 100 arrests announced after the chaos around the Stade de FranceSaturday, May 28, the 48 police officers enumerated on Monday morning, the “Hordes of city thugs” six Remain these six men, aged 21 to 39, who are marching in front of the Bobigny Correctional Court on Tuesday, May 31, for theft of phones, a watch or a torn necklace. of the Stade de France. “All other police officers have been released”says the prosecutor’s office.

Osama K. is the first to be convicted during this afternoon of overcrowded hearings. Yellow mask under his chin, curly hair, he recounts this evening during which he tried to enter the stadium, without a ticket, to watch the Champions League final. Once, twice, three times. Unsuccessful. And leaving after the game, on the crowded platforms of line 13 of the subway, here he is, putting his hand in the pocket of an English supporter. He will be arrested a few seconds later, after throwing the Englishman’s phone to the ground.

Osama K. is 24 years old and lives between a tent under a bridge and a rented room from time to time, when his UberEats deliveries allow him to earn a few warm days. He is undocumented, so in order to be able to work, he still leases an account on the platform for 100 euros per month. « The outstanding benefits of the start-up nation », slips his lawyer, Loïc Le Quellec. His client, who can’t read or write, recently swapped his scooter for a bike and a few tickets. Every month, he sends a hundred euros to his mother and four siblings, who have remained in Algeria.

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A little over a year ago, Osama K. arrived in France by boat because he loved Paris, imagined finding a job, and his family ate only one meal a day in Algeria. The translator translates his plea into Arabic: “Give me any sentence, but not prison.” » He promises to “From France”, that we will not resume doing this. Her locker was blank until then. “Anyway, you’re going to leave France because you have to.”unleashes the president of the court, pronouncing four letters recently added to his file by the prefecture: “OQTF”, for the obligation to leave the French territory.

A case with an “international dimension”

The prosecutor gets up to talk about one “Disorderly conduct beyond the scope of the hearing”le “Particular context” and the “International dimension” of the case. It requires ten months in prison with a restraining order. The room holds its breath. Ten months in prison with immediate release from prison for a phone theft by a first-time offender, the defense attorney is stunned. But since we have to talk about “Context”Me The Quellec does not pray: “Can the statements of the Home Office be taken into account in this context? So it would be the fault of the English supporters first and then the fault of those supporters?” Maybe the story could be a little more nuanced? »

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