in Marseille, the rapper achieves iconic status among young people

in Marseille, the rapper achieves iconic status among young people

Marseille rapper Jul is making a big comeback. The biggest seller of French rap releases his latest album on Friday, June 3rd entitled Alien, before continuing on to a concert at the Velodrome Stadium that his fans have been waiting for for two years. Nothing is easier than finding Jul fans on the Old Port. “The playlist is full of Jul, that’s the basislaunches a young fan. A Marseillais who doesn’t listen to Jul is not a Marseillais. “ Another link: “Jul it’s blood, it’s family! You know all his music, it’s fire!”

“He’s the father of Marseille, everyone is a fan. He’s like us, I feel like we see each other inside. I live the music!”

a fan of Jul

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Fans who appreciate the authenticity of the rapper and recognize themselves in him. “I think that’s the archetype of Marseillesays Gilson Soares, rapper and business leader, whether it’s at the level of the slang he’s going to use in his lyrics, the style of dress he can have with the club’s tracksuit or the flip-flops socks too, which is a must. “

And while Jul’s tubes may sound light, they speak to Marseille youth, according to Samia Kadiri, a specialist journalist: “One of the first sounds that ‘scored everything’ is called Marseille. In his words, there is a vision of the real Marseille, especially the poverty or the galley and the societal problems that young people may encounter. “

It was in Marseille that the 17-album rapper recorded them all, especially with producer KakouProd. “Jul has brought back a new wave of rap, which is more dancing, more jovial and more open to other styles of music.says the producer. He was the one who made rap dance for me and it decomplexed a lot of young people who wanted to rap and were a little hesitant. It’s a locomotive. “ Born in Marseille, the Jul style is now exported throughout Europe. Spanish, Italian and even Dutch rappers are inspired by the so-called UFO.

Jul, the king of Marseillesis a topic to be found at length in the franceinfo news podcast Le Quart d’Heureavailable on the radio application and all podcast platforms.

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