In a white dress, Kate Middleton stands out from the royal family at Elizabeth II's jubilee

In a white dress, Kate Middleton stands out from the royal family at Elizabeth II’s jubilee

On the balcony of Buckingham, the Duchess of Cambridge has chosen to stand out from other members of royalty as much by her stylistic choice as by the message she gives there.

She did not deviate from her taste in recycling, and discreet symbols. On this first day of the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth IIJune 2, Kate Middleton chose to mark the spirits by his attire. Her signature white dress Alexander McQueenhad already been worn at the G7 summit in Cornwall in June 2021. A common choice in this follower of a sustainable fashion, which asserts this position on the greatest occasions.

Kate Middleton on the 1st day of Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee celebrations. (London, June 2.) Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge had also chosen to wear a symbolic accessory, with her earrings set with diamonds and sapphires: pieces that belonged to Lady Diana and thus come to pay homage to the Princess of Wales. All punctuated by an elegant dark blue and white hat, made by the favorite seamstress of crowned heads, Philip Treacy.

Kate Middleton at the G7 summit. (London, June 2.) Getty Images

The blue in the spotlight

Along with the other members of the royal family and her three children – Louis, George and Charlotte of Cambridge – the Duchess of Cambridge was the only one to wear immaculate white. A light-hanging color, making it easy to spot on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Essential details: Her bluish accessories were a discreet reminder of the color of Queen Elizabeth II’s outfits and Camilla Parker Bowles. As proof that despite the storms and torments, harmony, in the royal family, always ends up triumphing.


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