Impressive bear fight in the Pyrenees: the female and her teddy bear attacked by an adult are alive

Impressive bear fight in the Pyrenees: the female and her teddy bear attacked by an adult are alive

Images of a bear attacking a female and her baby have gone viral as the scene is rare. After the dizzying fall, scientists were able to get their hands on the survivors, however very weakened.

The pictures are too very rare how cruel. On June 7, the official environmental protection body of Castilla y León in Spain will broadcast images of a bear adults sticking to one mother and her baby in the Cantabrian mountain range of Pyrenees. A violent scene that ended with the dizzying fall of two cliffs on a cliff.

Thanks to the authors of the video, Claudio Sordo Velasco and Carmen Ortega Fernández, who have authorized its dissemination to @jcyl through the official account @naturalezacylwe can observe how the fight between a male bear and a female that protected its young took place ud83d udc3b

– Nature Castile and Leon (@naturalezacyl) June 7, 2022

Alain Reynes, director of the Pays de l’ours-Adet association, explains to France 3 that “these practices are common in bears. The male seeks to kill the cubs to mate with the female. Once the bear is alone, she ovulates again and again mating with herthe male can spread his embarrassment and thus eliminate his competitors “.

Intense research

If the male weighing more than 210 kg did not survive its fall of almost 30 m, the animal researchers could not get their hands on the female and her baby, which did not die on the spot. After intense research, the scientists were finally able to find the two survivors of the attack. As reported by the local newspaper The Diarythe rescuers, thanks to the images of the inhabitants, managed to identify one cavity in which the wounded mother, took refuge with her little one.

One surprise for researchers who hoped above all to secure the teddy bear, probably an orphan, for several months before releasing it into the wild. So it is in a cave that the female continues to insure the survival of his offspring.

If access to the cavity is very complicated, however, they try to supply water and food to the mother whose health is in question. So good news under surveillance.

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