"I hope you will shut up": new tensions between Cyril Hanouna and Géraldine Maillet in TPMP

“I hope you will shut up”: new tensions between Cyril Hanouna and Géraldine Maillet in TPMP

On the set of Touche pas at my post this Thursday, June 9, Cyril Hanouna and Géraldine Maillet once again took the beak. The tone rose between the host and the columnist.

The tone has risen again between Cyril Hanouna and Géraldine Maillet. A few weeks after them violent clashthe host and columnist for Don’t touch my post got scared about the violence that took place at the Stade de France in the Champions League final. And if Gilles Verdez is happy that the CCTV footage was destroyed, Géraldine Maillet is outraged. “The images are available for seven days. They are then automatically destroyed. We should have had a requisition to provide them to the different populations.”, announced Erwan Le Prévost, director of institutional relations of the French Football Federation in front of the Senate this Thursday, June 9. On the set of TPMP, Gilles Verdez explained that he was happy with this destruction of images. What annoys Geraldine Maillet.

“Gilles has been lying since the beginning and he is instrumentalizing you. And I resent him a lot.”, started by throwing Géraldine Maillet to Cyril Hanouna. A remark that has nothing to do with the host. “I’ll tell you the truth, I think it’s your guy who’s instrumentalizing you because he tweeted again”he replied, before reading Daniel Riolo’s tweet on the subject: “For the English who complain, it’s worse than an insult … what a horror! Furious fools who say it’s the fault of the English will continue the fake news! And no one will jump after such a scandal ? ” But the allusion to his companion displeased the columnist, who did not fail to address the host. “So that means I’m submissive to my boyfriend? You who are the big advocate for the women’s cause?”she got annoyed.

Géraldine Maillet: this remark by Cyril Hanouna that “hurt” him

“Stop, be a little cool. Stop taking everything in the first degree. (…) I hope you’re going to shut up.”, concluded Cyril Hanouna. In any case, this confusion reminds viewers of the huge clash that pitted them against each other a few weeks ago. “Lessons like you who are going to say to the French, ‘We have to vote for such a thing’, we’re tired of it!” Cyril Hanouna was upset just before the first round of the presidential election. You are still giving lessons. Respect the French a little (…) Let me speak, you are unbearable! The French are doing what they want. They are not like you with a comfortable salary, with a very good life … “ The next day, the columnist added: “There was a harassment side, a bit of stubbornness, it hurt me, I didn’t understand.”.

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