"I hope there will be no relapse": Yannick Noah has just recovered from a deadly disease

“I hope there will be no relapse”: Yannick Noah has just recovered from a deadly disease

He is the last French tennis player to win Roland-Garros in 1983. Yannick Noah has just reported on his social media that he has contracted a deadly disease. Fortunately, it would be restored.

At 62, Yannick Noah has had multiple careers. A talented tennis player, successful singer, captain of the Fed Cup and Davis Cup teams, the last Frenchman to win Roland-Garros is on all fronts.

Committed to malaria

For some years now, he has been sharing his life between France and Cameroon, his father’s country. Still very active, Yannick Noah recently got involved in malaria control.

“It’s a project I care about because there are too many women and children dying. It’s time to stop,” he said. ActuCameroon.

But Yannick Noah himself has contracted malaria lately. He was keen to reassure his fans that he was recovering. “I hope there is no relapse,” he said on his Instagram account.

According to himWHOthis disease caused by parasites transmitted by the bites of infected female anopheles mosquitoes, affected 241 million people and caused 627,000 deaths in 2020. 95% of the victims live in Africa.

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