huge blow to Dybala for his next club?

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Scorer this Wednesday night against Italy in the Finalissima, Paulo Dybala still doesn’t know which club he will play for, he will leave Juventus for free at the end of the month. If Inter Milan have been announced as favorites for several weeks now, the main player has made no secret that he would like to discover the Premier League or La Liga.

Hard hit for Dybala?

A statement confirmed by Gianluca Di Marzio announcing that La Joya would like to play for Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Manchester City. The only downside is that these clubs would have other priorities at the moment. A potential blow to the Argentine international, which could well eventually take the direction of Lombardy.

To summarize

While Paulo Dybala would have a clear preference for his future, he could be hit hard. If he wants to join the Premier League or La Liga, the cadores of these leagues would have other plans for the time being.

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