How to unlock Mac with Apple Watch

An interesting new feature in macOS Sierra is the ability to unlock the Mac with the Apple Watch. While wearing your Apple Watch, the new Auto Unlock feature lets you access your Mac without entering your login password.

Auto Unlock feature on Mac

The auto-unlock feature introduced in the latest macOS Sierra update will surely be appreciated by the users who find it quite annoying to enter a password every time they step away from their Mac and come back to find it locked and a password require.

Auto unlock gives you instant access to Mac. While wearing your Apple Watch, you can just wake up your Mac and start using it right away without having to unlock it by entering your password.

Unlock Mac with Apple Watch

The auto-unlock feature is only available on Macs from Mid 2013 or later that have macOS Sierra installed. Also, your Apple Watch must have WatchOS3 installed.

After completing the above hardware and software requirements, you can unlock Mac with your Apple Watch by completing the requirements below.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your Mac
  2. Set up the passcode on your Apple Watch
  3. Disable two-step verification for Apple ID
  4. Enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID
  5. Enable auto unlock feature on Mac
  6. Sign in to the same iCloud account on both Mac and Apple Watch

Below are the steps to enable passcode on Apple Watch, disable two-step verification, enable two-factor authentication and the steps to enable auto-unlock feature on Mac.

Activate the passcode on the Apple Watch

Follow these steps to enable and set up a passcode for your Apple Watch.

1. On your Apple Watch, tap Settings. Then tap password

Passcode tab in Apple Watch settings

2. On the next screen, tap Activate passcode

Activate the passcode on the Apple Watch

3. Now type a password for your Apple Watch

Enter the Apple Watch passcode

Note: Write down this passcode and keep it in a safe place.

Disable two-step verification

After you’ve set up a passcode on your Apple Watch, the next step is to turn off two-step verification for your Apple ID, if it’s enabled.

1. On your computer, visit and log in to your Apple ID

2. Once in your account, click the To edit Link in security area (see image below)

Edit Apple ID security settings

3. Then click on Disable two-step verification Link located under the Two-Step Verification heading (see image below).

Turn off 2-Step Verification for Apple ID

4. You will see a popup, click Disable two-step verification on the popup

5. On the next few screens, answer the security questions, confirm your date of birth and recovery email, and click Next to turn off 2-Step Verification.

Confirm the date of birth in the Apple ID

Enable two-factor authentication

After disabling two-step verification, the next step is to enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.

1. Click on that Apple icon on your Mac and then click system settings in the drop down menu.


2. On the System Settings screen, click iCloud

iCloud Tab Mac Settings

Note: You may need to sign in to your iCloud account by entering your AppleID and password.

3. In your iCloud account, click account details.

iCloud account details on Mac

4. Then click on the security tab and click Set up two-factor authentication… Link (see image below)

Set up two-factor authentication on Mac

5. Follow the instructions on the next few screens to verify your phone number using the verification code that Apple sends to your phone number.

Enter the phone number for two-factor authentication on Mac

Enable auto unlock feature on Mac

After you’ve set up a passcode on your Apple Watch and enabled two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, you’re ready to turn on and set up the auto-unlock feature on your Mac.

1. On your Mac, tap Apple Icon in the top menu (see image below)


2. From the drop-down menu, tap System Settings… (See picture above)

3. On the system settings screen, click security and privacy Possibility.

Security & Privacy tab in System Preferences on Mac

4. On the Security & Privacy screen, click the General tab, and then click the check box next to Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac Option to enable this feature

Allow Apple Watch to unlock Mac

5. In the pop-up window, enter yours Administrator password to enable the automatic unlock feature on your Mac

Now you can lock your Mac and see if you can log in without entering your password. While wearing your Apple Watch, you should be able to easily wake up your Mac and instantly access it without having to enter your password.


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