How to set up and use guest mode on Chromecast

Guest mode in Chromecast allows any of your guests to cast video to the bigger screen of your home TV without even being connected to your home WiFi network. Let’s take a look at how to set up and use guest mode on Chromecast.

Guest mode on Chromecast

Google Chromecast originally required guests to be connected to your home WiFi network in order to cast video from their mobile device to the larger screen of your home TV.

Now Google has made Chromecast guest mode even better and more secure, allowing anyone in the same room to cast photos and videos to your TV screen without actually being connected to your home WiFi network.

This way your guests can share their favorite videos with everyone in the room using their mobile phones and not having to log into your home WiFi network.

Note: Your guest’s mobile device must have an active cellular plan or be connected to the internet through another Wi-Fi network to use guest mode on your Chromecast device.

How Chromecast guest mode works

When you enable guest mode on your Chromecast, it emits a special WiFi beacon. This WiFi beacon is then detected by the guest mobile device when YouTube or another Chromecast-enabled app is played on the guest mobile device.

Whenever your guests launch a Chromecast-enabled app on their mobile device, the WiFi beacon emitted by your Chromecast will be detected by the guest’s mobile device and they will see the Cast icon on their mobile devices.

By tapping the cast icon, your guests can choose a nearby device (your TV) to cast the video to.

Whenever your Chromecast detects a nearby device trying to connect, it generates a 4-digit PIN and attempts to transmit that PIN to the nearby device using inaudible audio tones.

If this audio-sound pairing fails, your guest will have to manually enter the 4-digit PIN displayed on your TV screen.

Set up guest mode on Chromecast

Follow the steps below to set up guest mode on your Chromecast.

1. open that Google Home app on your iPhone or Android phone

2. Next, tap device icon located in the top right corner of your screen (see image below)

Device icon in the Google Home app

3. On the next screen, tap 3 point menu next to the name of your Chromecast (see image below)

3 dot icon in the Google Home app

4. Then tap guest mode in the drop down menu that appears (see image below)

Guest mode option in Chromecast

5. Turn on on the next screen guest mode by moving the switch to ON Position.

Enable guest mode for Chromecast

Now you can allow each of your guests to broadcast everything to the big screen of your home TV using their smartphone.

Use guest mode on Chromecast

Using guest mode on an iPhone or Android phone is easy. Ask your guests to open YouTube (or a Chromecast-enabled app) on their mobile device, then tap the Cast icon that appears at the top of the screen.

1. Open YouTube or any other Chromecast enabled app on an iPhone or Android phone.

2. Next, tap the cast icon (See image below)

Cast icon in the YouTube app

3. In the pop-up that appears, tap the device nearby transferred to.

4. Wait for Chromecast to connect to your device. As mentioned above, Chromecast first tries to use inaudible audio tones to connect to the Guest device. If the audio pairing fails, your guest must enter a 4-digit number PEN that appears on the screen of your TV (see image below)

Enter the 4-digit PIN to beam to a nearby device

Once you enter the correct PIN, your Chromecast will connect to the guest’s mobile phone, allowing them to cast videos from their iPhone or Android phone to your TV screen.

Note: As mentioned above, the Guest Phone must have a cellular data plan or be connected to a different WiFi network.


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