How to password protect notes on Mac

Notes app on Mac can be used to store all kinds of useful information for easy access. If necessary, you can even password protect notes on Mac to prevent anyone from gaining access to your personal information and thoughts.

Password protect notes on Mac

As mentioned above, the Notes app on your Mac can be an ideal place to store all kinds of information, from things like social media site login details to bill payment deadlines and amounts.

For those who are creative and full of ideas, Notes app can be a handy tool to jot down your thoughts and ideas as they come to mind.

You can attach photos, videos, maps, documents, and URLs to webpages or websites in your notes. The Notes app also lets you sketch with your finger on iPhone or iPad and attach the sketch to your notes.

Even better, you can access your notes from any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) and they’re still password protected.

Password protect notes on Mac

1. Click on that launch pad on your Mac

Launchpad icon on Mac

2. On the next screen, click the notes app to open it on your Mac

3. Once the Notes app is open, you can either create a new note by clicking new file icon or open an existing note by clicking it in the sidebar list (see screenshot below).

Open a new note or open an existing note on Mac

4. Then click on the lock icon in the top toolbar of the Notes app and select Lock this note from the drop down menu.

Lock this note on Mac

5. On the next screen, type a passwordConfirm your password, enter a password hint and click to set a password Button.

Set up a password to lock notes on Mac

The password you set for Notes is different from the login password for your Mac. However, you can use the same password for Notes if you wish.

6. After setting up the password, close and reopen the Notes app. This time you will be greeted with “This Note is Locked Message”.

Unlock the protected note on Mac by entering the password

The only way to access a protected note on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad is by entering the password.

7. If necessary, you can unlock a note by clicking lock icon and choose remove lock Option from the drop down menu (see image below)

Unlock Protected Notes on Mac

What you need to know about protected notes

Now that you know how to password protect notes on Mac, here are some more information about protected notes that you should know.

1. The first line in your protected notes is shown as the title for the protected note. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the first line of your protected notes doesn’t reveal much information and reveals the likely content of your notes.

2. You will only be prompted to enter the password for protected notes. You can still access all your unprotected notes without entering a password.

3. Unlocking a locked note unlocks all other locked notes, and locking one note locks all other locked notes. There is no way to create multiple passwords or different passwords for different notes in the Notes app.

4. After setting up the password, you can protect any existing unprotected note at any time by right-clicking on the note and selecting Lock this note Option from the side menu (see image below).

Password protect every note on Mac

5. When you’re finished reading or editing a protected note, make sure you either exit the Notes app by clicking the red “Close” button in the top menu bar, or click lock icon and select Close all locked notes Option from the drop down menu (see image below)

Close all locked notes on Mac

It’s important to both of them Stop the Notes app or close locked notes by selecting the Close All Locked Notes option to ensure all your notes remain protected.


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