How to fix slow iPhone camera

If the rear or front camera has become slow on your iPhone, below are the troubleshooting steps to fix the slow iPhone camera.

Lag or slow iPhone camera

In general, users who want to fix iPhone slow camera issue have reported that they noticed the following:

  • The camera briefly shows a black screen before starting
  • The camera flash is delayed or not synchronized with the recordings
  • The camera app seems to lag
  • The camera app is stuck or frozen

Luckily, iPhone camera slowdown is software related in most cases and can be fixed with the troubleshooting tips below.

1. Close the camera app

If you find the camera lags or stutters before starting, simply force quit the camera and it may help fix the problem.

iPhone with home button: Quickly press the home button twice > Swipe up on the camera app to refuse it.

iPhone X and later: Go to home screen > swipe up and hold your finger on the screen until you see a preview of all open apps > swipe up on the camera appfor it to go away.

2. Switch cameras

Switching from rear to front camera (or vice versa) is known to fix iPhone camera slow issue.

Switch from rear to front camera on iPhone

Tap the switch Icon > Waiting For 10 seconds and then tap switcher icon again to return to the camera you want to use.

3. Check available memory

The reason behind the camera slowdown on your iPhone could be due to a lack of available storage space on your iPhone.

Go to settings > General > storage. On the next screen you can see how much storage space is available on your device.

Check iPhone storage status

If your iPhone is low on storage, you must make efforts to free up storage space on your device.

4. Reboot the iPhone

Sometimes the problem is due to stuck apps and processes that are preventing the camera app from working properly.

Go to settings > General > shut down > use the slider to turn off the iPhone.

Turn off the iPhone

Allow the iPhone to shut down completely > Wait 30 seconds > Reboot the iPhone and check if the camera is working properly now.

5. Turn off VoiceOver

The VoiceOver feature is known to interfere with the proper functioning of the camera app.

Go to settings > Accessibility > voiceover and move the switch next to voiceover to OUT Position.

Disable VoiceOver on iPhone

After that, open the camera on your iPhone and you should find that it starts up normally.

6. Turn off Live Photos

The Live Photos feature on iPhone captures the camera for 15 seconds before and after the actual photo is taken. Therefore, turning off Live Photos should help speed up the camera on your iPhone.

To turn off Live Photos, open the camera and tap OUT or the Live Photos icon located in the upper left or upper right corner.

Turn off Live Photos

Note: You can turn on Live Photos at any time by tapping the Live Photos icon again.

7. Turn off the power saving mode

Another reason for the slow or lagging camera on iPhone is that your device is in sleep mode.

Go to settings > battery and move the switch next to Low power mode to OUT Position.

Disable Sleep Mode on iPhone

Note: If your iPhone battery life is low, disabling the battery saver mode will result in a faster loss of battery life.

8. Install updates

Go to settings > General > tap software update.

Software update option on iPhone settings screen

On the next screen, tap Download and install (if an update is available) and follow the instructions to install the updates.

9. Reset all settings

Write down your WiFi password and follow the steps below to reset all settings on your device.

Go to settings > General > Transfer or reset iPhone > Reset to default and select Reset all settings Possibility.

Reset All Settings option on iPhone

After iPhone restarts, join the WiFi network by entering your WiFi network password. Hopefully this should help fix the camera on your iPhone.


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