How to fix keyboard lag in Microsoft Teams

Some users reported the issue of keyboard slowdown or lag when typing while using Microsoft Teams. Below are the steps to fix keyboard lag in Microsoft Teams.

Keyboard lag in Microsoft Teams

In general, experiencing keyboard lag or lag in typing when using Microsoft Teams is usually due to a lack of bandwidth and resources on the computer.

The reason behind the lack of resources on the computer could be due to apps running in the background, bad network connection, corrupted or outdated Teams cache and other reasons.

In certain cases, users have reported experiencing a delay of up to 15 seconds or keyboard lag when chatting with other participants in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

1. Close high memory background apps

As mentioned above, apps and processes running in the background can sometimes lead to high RAM and CPU usage on the computer.

1. Right click on the beginning button and click task manager.

Open Windows Task Manager

2. On the Task Manager screen, switch to processes tab > right click on the program or apartment Use high memory and click end task.

Close the program with the task manager

Similarly, close other apps running in the background that are consuming large amounts of resources on your computer.

2. Disable read receipts

Disabling read receipts can help fix keyboard lag and computer slowdown issue during a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Note: Disabling read receipts prevents you from knowing whether or not others have seen or read your messages.

Open Microsoft Teamsclick yours profile icon and select settings in the drop down menu.

Open Microsoft Teams settings

On the settings screen, select the privacy Tab and move the toggle next to it read receipts to OUT Position.

Disable read receipts in Microsoft Teams

Quit Microsoft Teams and start it again on your computer.

3. Use the Ethernet connection

Multiple people connected to the same Wi-Fi network can sometimes tax bandwidth and slow down Microsoft Teams performance.

So check if you can switch to a different Wi-Fi network or use an Ethernet connection during the Teams meeting.

4. Turn off video

Keyboard lag during Microsoft Teams meeting can be due to multiple video streams consuming all the bandwidth and resources on your computer.

If you’re not currently presenting, click the video icon to turn off your own video.

Turn off the camera in Teams

If the situation doesn’t improve, you can try disabling incoming video by clicking 3 point menu icon and select Turn off incoming video option in the drop down menu.

Disable incoming video option in Microsoft Teams

This drastically reduces bandwidth and resource usage on your computer, allowing you to type faster.

5. Clear the Teams cache

Keyboard lag and overall poor performance during Microsoft Teams meeting can be due to outdated or corrupted MS Teams cache.

Right click on the beginning click and click To run > enter %Application Data% in the Run Command window and click OK.

Run the %appdata% command

Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams > Open Teams folder and delete all files in it temperature, cache and GPU cache Binder.

Navigate to the Teams folder on the Windows PC

After making these changes, you should see an improvement in typing speed and overall performance of the Microsoft Teams app on your computer.

6. Reinstall Microsoft Teams

If the above solutions didn’t help, the problem could be due to the Microsoft Teams installation on your computer being corrupt or corrupt.

Go to settings > applications > On the next screen, look for “Teams” in the right pane > click Microsoft Teams and click Uninstall.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams

Click on the confirmation popup Uninstall confirm.

Then click on Machine-wide installer for teams (if any) and click Uninstall.

Uninstall the Teams machine-wide installer

After Teams is uninstalled, download Microsoft Teams from Microsoft official download page and reinstall it on your device.


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