How to find GPS coordinates using iPhone, Android, Mac or PC

You can easily find GPS coordinates of your current location or any other location using your smartphone or computer. If that sounds interesting, read on below to learn more about GPS coordinates and how to find GPS coordinates using iPhone, Android Phone, Mac or PC.

What are GPS coordinates

GPS coordinates can be described as a series of alphanumeric characters (40° 41′ 21″ N 74° 2′ 40″ W) that indicate the geographic location of a place in terms of latitude and longitude.

For example, the GPS coordinates of the Statue of Liberty are given as 40° 41′ 21″ N 74° 2′ 40″ W (or more precisely as 40° 41′ 21.296″ N 74° 2′ 40.2″ W).

The first set of numbers (40° 41′ 21″ N) gives you the latitude information indicating that the Statue of Liberty is 40 degrees, 41 minutes and 21 seconds north of the equator.

The second set of numbers (74° 2′ 40″ W) gives you the longitude information indicating that the Statue of Liberty is 74 degrees, 2 minutes and 40 seconds west of the Prime Meridian.

To better understand this, you need to clearly understand the following terms.

Latitudes: Measured north or south of the equator and vary from 0 degrees at the equator to +90 degrees at the north pole and -90 degrees at the south pole (see image below).

Longitude: Measured east or west of the Prime Meridian and vary from 0 degrees in Greenwich to +180 degrees East and -180 West (see figure below).

Longitude and latitude sketch

Equator: Can be defined as an imaginary line going around the earth halfway between the north and south poles (see image above)

prime meridian: Can be defined as an imaginary line running from the north to the south of the earth through Greenwich in England, United Kingdom (see image above).

The prime meridian divides the earth into an eastern and a western hemisphere – just like the equator divides the earth into a northern and a southern hemisphere.

Interesting info: One degree of latitude is about 69 miles or 111 kilometers.

Find GPS coordinates with iPhone, Android Phone, Mac or PC

Fortunately, most of us don’t have to worry about GPS coordinates, since this interesting but difficult and precise task is performed in the background by our gadgets, which take care of geotagging photos and providing us with directions based on GPS calculations .

However, in case you are interested in knowing your exact location on the Earth’s surface, you can use your iPhone, Android phone, Mac or PC to get the exact GPS coordinates of your current location and any other location you are in Interested in finding one.

Find GPS coordinates with iPhone

To find GPS coordinates on iPhone, you need to allow the compass app on your iPhone to access your location data by following the steps below.

1. On your iPhone’s home screen, tap settings.

2. On the settings screen, tap privacy.

Privacy option on iPhone

3. On the privacy screen, tap location services Possibility.

Location service option on iPhone

4. Make sure of this on the Location Services screen location services option is set ON position (see image below).

Enable location services on iPhone

5. On the same screen, scroll down and tap compass.

Compass option on Location Services screen on iPhone

6. On the next screen, tap While using the app (See image below)

Allow Compass app to access location on iPhone

Once the compass app can access your location, it will start displaying GPS coordinates on your iPhone.

1. open that compass app on your iPhone and you will find that it displays the GPS coordinates Your current location at the bottom of your screen (see image below)

Compass app that shows GPS coordinates on iPhone

Find GPS coordinates using an Android phone

If you have an Android phone, you can find GPS coordinates using the Google Maps app.

1. Open Google Maps App on your Android phone or tablet.

2. Press and hold a location until you see a red pin – you will see the GPS coordinates of that location in the search box (see image below).

GPS coordinates of a place on Google Maps Android Phone

Note: This Google Maps feature does not work in the iOS version of Google Maps. iPhone allows users to enter GPS coordinates into Google Maps, but prevents Google Maps from providing GPS coordinates.

Find GPS coordinates with Mac or PC

You can find GPS coordinates on your Mac or Windows computer using the web version of Google Maps.

1. Go to on your PC or Mac

2. Type anything in the search bar address in which you are interested. You will see that Google Maps will display a map of the area along with the address and street view of the place (see image below).

GPS coordinates in URL in Google Maps

3. Now take a look at the address bar, you will see the coordinates of the place at the end of the URL (see image above).

Another option is to right-click somewhere on Google Maps and then click the What is going on here? option in the context menu (see image below)

What is here option in google maps

Google Maps will come with that GPS coordinates of the selected location (see image below)

GPS coordinates of the place in Google Maps


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