How to Download or Add Music to iPhone without iTunes

If you are interested in downloading music from other sources to iPhone for offline use, below are 3 different methods to add music to iPhone without iTunes.

Add music to iPhone without iTunes

Since iTunes was specially developed for Apple devices, it has become the official way to add music to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac for offline use.

However, iTunes only allows you to download the content that is available on iTunes and does not provide an option to add music to iPhone from computers, storage devices and other sources.

Therefore, below we provide the steps to add music from sources other than iTunes to iPhone and enjoy them offline.

1. Add music from Spotify to iPhone

If you are looking for a way to add music to iPhone without iTunes, you probably have a subscription to Spotify, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium and other popular subscription services.

If that is the case, to transfer music from Spotify and other third-party media streaming services to iPhone, all you need to do is download the songs, tracks, playlists or music albums to iPhone.

1. Open Spotify App on iPhone > tap Like icon is next to the song, track, or album you want to add to iPhone.

Like song in Spotify

Similarly, like other songs you want to add to iPhone, all will be added to the Liked songs folder in Spotify.

2. After adding (liking) each song, track, or album, go to your library Tab and tap Liked Songs.

Open popular songs in Spotify on iPhone

3. On the next screen, tap Download icon.

Download popular songs in Spotify to iPhone

Once the Liked songs are downloaded on iPhone, they will be available in Liked Songs folder and you can listen to them with Spotify app while offline.

2. Add music from computer to iPhone

Another common reason for people who are looking for a way to add music to iPhone without iTunes is that their music collection is stored on computer or external storage device.

If that’s the case, you can transfer music files to iCloud Drive, which makes them automatically accessible through the syncing process on iPhone.

Note: Make sure you don’t hurt yourself iCloud Termswhich prohibits the uploading of content that you do not have the rights to upload, copy or share.

1. open that finder on your Mac and click iCloud drive in the left pane.

2. Once in iCloud Drive, select that file tab in the top menu bar and select New folder option in the drop down menu.

Create new folder on Mac

3. Name the new folder as music (or something else) and open the New folder by double-clicking on it.

Music folders in iCloud Drive

4. Once inside the music folder, drag SongsAlbums, tracks that are on your computer music folder.

Note: If you want to keep the original file structure, Copy the original folders and paste them into the music folder.

5. Once the songs are transferred from Mac to the Music folder on iCloud Drive, they will automatically become available on your iPhone through the syncing process.

All that is required to access the newly added music on iPhone is to open it files App > tap iCloud drive and open the music folder.

Open the Music folder in iCloud Drive on iPhone

Tap on the song you want to play and it will be downloaded to iPhone automatically. Once the track is downloaded to iPhone, you can play it in iCloud.

3. Download music from Apple Music to iPhone

If you subscribe to Apple Music, you can download music from Apple Music to iPhone for offline use.

1. open that music App on your iPhone > tap the library Tab in the bottom menu and navigate to the song, album or playlist you want to download.

2. Tap and hold on article you want to play on iPhone and select Add to library Possibility.

3. Go to yours library > Tap on the song trackalbum, playlist, or video you just added and tap Download symbol

Once the song, album, playlist or video is downloaded, you can play it on your iPhone anytime even when you are offline.


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