How to download and use Signal on iPhone and Android

signal is an open source application that uses end-to-end encryption for all your text, voice and video calls. Below are the steps to download and use Signal on iPhone and Android.

Use Signal on iPhone and Android

Similar to WhatsApp, Signal lets you send free text messages and make free voice and video calls to other Signal users around the world.

As mentioned above, Signal is open source, an independent non-profit organization and relies entirely on donations from the public for its development.

The Signal Private Messenger app is available for iPhone on the App Store and Google Play Store for Android phones.

Step 1: Download Signal Private Messenger

open that app store Search on your iPhone signal and select Signal private messengers by Open Whisper Systems.

Tap on Receive to download the Signal Private Messenger app to your iPhone.

Download Signal Private Messenger

Note: If you’re on an Android phone, open Google play store and download the Signal Private Messenger app.

Step 2: Install Signal Private Messenger

After downloading the app, tap Open to install the app on your phone.

Open Signal Private Messenger

If prompted, enter yours Apple ID password and tap log in.

Step 3: Enable Signal Permissions

In this step, you give Signal permission to access your contacts and send you notifications and message notifications.

After installing Signal, tap on Continue and then tap Activate permissions.

Enable Signal Messenger permissions

Tap on the next pop-ups To allow to give Signal access to your contacts and to send you notifications and notifications of new messages.

Step 4: Confirm your phone number

In this step, you will provide your phone number to Signal to receive a 6-digit verification code from Signal and verify your phone number by entering the verification code.

Choose countryGive her phone number and tap Next to receive a six-digit verification code from Signal on your phone number.

Enter phone number

open that text message from Signal and enter the verification key in the screen below.

Enter verification code

Step 5: Choose profile name and avatar

Give her first nameLast Name (optional), upload yours profile pic (optional) and tap Save on computer to complete the setup process.

Step 6: Create PIN on Signal

In this last step, you will be asked to set up a 4-digit PIN that you can use to restore your profile, settings and contacts if you lose or switch devices.

Your Signal PIN can also serve as an optional registration lock to prevent others from registering your number on your behalf.

Invite contacts to Signal

To use Signal Private Messenger, the person you want to text or call must also have Signal installed on their phone.

If you have granted Signal access to contacts, your contacts will be automatically identified with Signal Private Messenger.

You can invite contacts to signal by tapping pencil icon and select Invite friends to Signal option on the next screen.

Pen icon in Signal Private Messenger

Send encrypted text messages with Signal

Open signal app and tap compose icon is in the upper right corner.

Pen icon in Signal Private Messenger

On the next screen, select the Contact you want to send the message to > compose yours news and send the message to your contact.

Make an encrypted voice call with Signal

All that is required to make a free voice call with Signal is to select Contact and tap the phone icon.

Make a voice call on Signal Private Messenger

Signal can now ask for permission to access the microphone. Tap on OK.

Make an encrypted video call with Signal

To make a video call, select yours Contact and tap the phone icon. Once the call is connected, tap video camera Symbol.

Make a video call on Signal Private Messenger

If prompted, tap OK to grant Signal access to your camera.

Is Signal Private Messenger safe?

By default, every text, voice, or video conversation you have with Signal is end-to-end encrypted. This means your messages and calls can only be read or heard by the intended recipients.

Each Signal one-to-one chat is tagged with a security number that can be used to verify the security of your messages and calls with specific contacts.

The full source code for Signal clients and Signal server is available on GitHub and can be accessed to verify its security and correctness.

Corresponding signalall your messages, photos, files and other content are stored locally on your device and not on its servers.

Note: Signal Private Messenger uses Apple’s infrastructure on iPhone and Google’s on Android Phone to send message notifications.


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