How to Conduct a Conference Call on iPhone

While the phone conferencing feature on iPhone is useful in business or work-related situations, it can also be used to make group calls with family and friends. Below are the steps to make a conference call on iPhone.

Conduct a conference call on iPhone

In addition to office work or business situations, the phone conferencing feature on iPhone can be used to interact with family members and friends.

Face-to-face conference calling saves you time (compared to one-on-one calls) while still giving you the feeling of being with your close friends and family.

Another good reason for in-person conference calls would be to gain the practice needed to host work or business-related conference calls on iPhone without making mistakes.

1. Steps to set up a conference call on iPhone

Depending on your provider and phone plan, you should be able to hold a conference call with 2 to 5 people at the same time on your iPhone.

In general, the steps to make a conference call on iPhone are as follows:

1. call the First person want to include in a conference call and tell that person that you will be adding more callers.

2. Once the first person is online, tap Add call Options and then Call the next person through your contact list or by manually entering that person’s phone number.

Add iPhone call button

Note: When you dial the second number, the first call is put on hold. If you don’t see the call menu, tap Hide keyboard Press to enter the incoming call menu screen.

3. When the second person answers your call, tap merge calls Button.

iPhone call merge button

Note: The names of the two callers will be listed above if they are in your contact list.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more people to the conference call. After you merge each call, the Add Call button reappears so you can add more people.

If your phone service provider uses a GSM network, you can add up to 5 people. If the service provider uses a CDMA network, you can only add 2 people.

Remember: You can also tap the Contacts button to call the recipients and merge them into a conference call on iPhone.

2. How to remove or disconnect callers during a conference call

Often participants or participants in a conference call do not have time to stay until the end of the conference call, or you may not want certain participants to stay until the end.

In such cases, you can use the following steps to remove a participant from a conference call without ending the current conference call.

1. Tap the ‘I’ next to the name of the contact you want to disconnect from a conference call.


2. On the next screen, tap End Button located under the name of the contact you want to remove from your ongoing conference call.

End Conference Call button.

3. How to speak privately with a participant during a conference call

iPhone offers the ability to speak privately with a specific person during a conference call.

1. Tap the ‘I’ next to the contact you want to talk to privately.

iPhone Contact Information tab.

2. On the next screen, tap Private button next to the contact’s name.

Exit iPhone Private Call Button

3. Talk to the person privately and tap merge calls to return to the conference call.

4. Prevent other calls during a conference call

iPhone also offers the option to prevent other callers from interrupting your conference call by calling your number while you’re still on a conference call.

1. Open the control center on your iPhone and tap on that moon icon in the control center.

iPhone Do Not Disturb Moon icon.

2. Next go to settings > focus > Do not disturb > persons > calls from.

Allow calls from option on iPhone

3. Select on the next screen No one This will block all incoming calls on your device.

Allow iPhone calls from Settings

Note: This will mute all incoming calls and notifications. You can select Favorites in case you need to receive certain important calls in a situation.

5. Answer incoming calls during your conference call

Rather than ending all calls at once, you may find it better to answer incoming calls during the conference call so you can see who’s calling and send them the voicemail.

1. When you receive a call during a conference, tap Hold & Accept Button.

iPhone button to hold and answer calls

Note: The Hold & Accept button may not work if your service provider does not use a CDMA network.

2. On the next screen, tap merge option and you will be added to the conference call.

Important: Never tap Quit & accept during a conference, tap to end your conference call.

6. Mute yourself during a conference call

To mute yourself during a conference call, all you have to do is tap mute buttonwhich should be available on the screen of your iPhone during a conference call.

iPhone mute button

You can resume the group call function on your device at any time by tapping Mute Button.


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