How to back up a computer to Google Drive

You risk losing all your files, photos, and data if your computer is lost, stolen, or malfunctions. An easy way to be prepared for such an eventuality is to back up the computer to Google Drive using Google’s backup and sync tool.

How to back up a computer to Google Drive

Google’s backup and sync tool is designed to automatically pull data from your PC or Mac and save it to your Google Drive account.

The process of setting up Google backup and restore service on Windows PC or Mac is really simple and has the following advantages.

1. Automatically backs up documents, pictures and the entire desktop to Google Drive. Files do not need to be manually transferred to Google Drive.

2. The data is stored in the same order in which it is stored on your computer. Any changes you make to your files on the computer are instantly synced to Google Drive.

3. The data can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. For example, you can use an Android phone or iPhone to access all files on your computer when you’re on the go and don’t have your computer with you.

4. You can back up multiple computers to Google Drive. The data for each computer is stored separately in your Google Drive account.

Backup & Sync replaces Google Drive

If you already use Google Drive, Backup and Sync will remove the Google Drive app from your computer.

However, you don’t have to be afraid that your data will be deleted. Backup & Sync will not remove any of your files and folders in the Google Drive folder.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the benefits of Google’s backup and sync utility, let’s take a look at how to back up a computer to Google Drive using backup and sync.

Back up the computer to Google Drive with Backup and Sync

The first step is downloading Backup and sync tool off Google Driveas it is available for both Mac and Windows PC.

Once Backup and Sync has been downloaded to your computer, launch the tool by clicking on it and it will begin setting up your computer to back up to Google Drive.

If you previously had the Google Drive app installed on your computer, you will be automatically signed in to Backup & Sync. If not, click Getting started Button.

Start with Backup & Sync

On the next screen, log into your Gmail account by entering your Gmail address username and password. Once logged in you will see an information screen, click I have it to go to the next step.

Backup and sync info screen

On the next screen you will see writing desk, documents and pictures automatically selected for backup to Google Drive. You can leave these items enabled or disable any items that you don’t want to sync to Google Drive.

Desktop, documents and pictures selected for backup to Google Drive

If you want to add more folders, click Choose a folder Link and select the folder you want to back up and sync with Google Drive.

Photo and video upload size: In this section you can upload both High quality or Original quality Photos on Google Drive.

If you choose High Quality, Google will convert uploaded photos to 16MP in size and in return will give you unlimited free storage for those photos on Google Drive.

If you choose Original quality, photos will be uploaded to Google Drive in the same format as they were captured by your camera, but the uploads will count against your allowed Google Drive storage limit.

Google Photos: If you turn on this option, photos and videos on your computer will be uploaded to Google Photos so you can share those photos with others.

When you are done with the above selection, click Next button to go to the next screen.

On the next screen you can uncheck the box Sync my tray to this computer Option if you don’t want your Google Drive files to be available on your computer (note: these files are Drive files and not files from your computer).


If you select the “Sync my drive with this computer” option, the Backup & Sync utility will sync Google Drive files back to your computer.

The benefit of syncing Google Drive files to your computer is that you can view and edit Google Drive files while offline. The changes you make will sync back to Google Drive once you’re online.

After making your selection about Google Drive files, click beginning Button to start backing up selected folders (Desktop, Documents, Pictures) to Google Drive.

The backup time depends on the amount of data available on your computer and the upload speed of your internet connection.

Once the backup process to Google Drive is complete, you can access Google Drive at any time by clicking cloud icon located on the taskbar and then click Google Drive Symbol.

Access Google Drive from the computer

Your computer data is available on Google Drive in the Computers section. If you have more than one computer, you can give each of your computers a unique name.

Computer data on Google Drive

Can Backup and Sync restore Windows PC?

Once your computer is set up to back up and sync its data with Google Drive, a copy of your computer data is always available on Google Drive.

However, you must be aware that “Backup and Sync” only saves your files and photos on Google Drive, but it does not back up the operating system, apps and program files on your computer to Google Drive.

Therefore, you cannot restore your Windows computer using Backup & Sync. To restore the computer, you still need to use a system restore point or use a system image.


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