How Marseille takes Zidane's probable signing at PSG

How Marseille takes Zidane’s probable signing at PSG

The rumor did not go on long. Not because it will not materialize, but because it has become information. It’s not because I’ve been talking about it for months : Zinedine Zidane could become the next coach of Paris Saint-Germain. It was enough to walk the streets of Marseille this Friday morning, and listen, to understand that this news was spreading by leaps and bounds.

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Because, yes, in Marseille it makes a lot of noise. Granted, Zidane has never worn the OM jersey, but you have to be in bad faith to argue that the former Blues number 10 is not intimately linked to his hometown, as evidenced by his Z5 or even his face, for an adidas pub, which was on the Corniche, probably the most touristy corner of the Phocian City. Passing by the Oasis, the famous café-bar in front of the Velodrome, it was enough to listen for a few moments to understand the discussion.

« I wish him the best of his career. »

« It is a betrayal, nothing else. Zidane is the emblem, the pride of Marseille. It was seriously thought that the money could not be signed in Paris. And finally, he’s just like everyone else, we were wrong Says Enzo, subscribing to the south turn. One thing seems to be expected, the date of the next Velodrome Classic. « I wish him the best of his career. I hope he understands that he has turned his whole city around Continues the young OM and Marseille-born fan.

On the internet, too, fans are tough. We need to take a look at the ratings of the Z5, run by the Zidane family, to understand that hatred – and disappointment – seems to be at its peak. But let’s go back to reality and therefore to the inhabitants, fans of Olympique de Marseille. And they are not all so vindictive.

« He will be in the camp of the enemies, all Zidane he is »

Benjamin, an educator at the Chateau Gombert club, explains his disappointment while downplaying ZZ’s relationship with the city: ” in my opinion, who has not bathed in Marseille football since I was a child, but later Zidane is a national icon, the icon of the Blues. He’s a smart player, who I got to know later. I don’t have that connection by telling myself that Zidane is Marseille, Zidane is the northern districts, Zidane is football before business or that sort of thing. My relationship with OM was not built in the face of it. But we’re not going to lie, it pisses us off. After all, Zidane, in Marseille football, is not much. He doesn’t take a stand, he’s a bit of a soft icon. He never put his hands in the mud even when there were launches of the new wave or the Castellane club. He was a little far from all that. His five is in Luynes, the other is in Istres. This is not a big disgrace to me. But it makes people talk, it makes them react, it does something anyway. It’s not dramatic, but it’s a bit annoying for the man and also a bit for PSG. Because, in the end, he takes a well-marked guy from Marseille, who is quite loved here. The pub on the Corniche was still important for the people of Marseille. I am disappointed, even if my world does not collapse ».

Even Belmel’s bell rang, following the Phocian news closely while wishing him poor results: ” the trend is for him to sign in Paris. To me, Zidane is an emblem of the city of Marseille, but by no means an emblem of OM. He never wore the jersey or coached the club. At the level of rivalry, it is present between the two clubs, not between the two cities. There are OM supporters living in Paris. I’m a little disappointed and a little sad, but not devastated or angry. It is known that millions have been paid to promote the award of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. , in the image of Mbappé. In comparison, it is as if a very ugly guy, who is recalculated by a girl for whom he is in love, leaves him the black card with no purchase limit. There are many who, even if they don’t like the boy very much, would agree. If this is done, I wish him to wallow in abundance, like all other Parisian coaches, and he will be in the camp of the enemies, all Zidane he is. ». One thing is for sure, if ZZ signs in Paris, the next Classico is going to be Dantesque.

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