Homicide à Soula : une cellule psychologique a été ouverte

Homicide in Soula: A psychological cell has been opened

Following the homicide in the heart of Soula yesterday, the city of Macouria is reacting to the tragedy and strongly condemns the acts committed.

The tragedy allegedly occurred as a result of an attempt to steal jewelry and the victim’s refusal to allow himself to be harassed. The open investigation into the murder is expected to lift the veil on the exact circumstances.

Initially on the run, the suspect showed up at the Cayenne police station in the afternoon and was taken into custody. The gendarmerie then regained control of the case.

The city of Macouria is particularly saddened by this event, especially since the victim was performing his civic service at the CCAS of the commune. « We are in shock, obviously. It is a mourning for our community Says Farouk Amri, director general of services for the city of Macouria.

Contacted on June 3, the latter continued: ” The mayor, Gilles Adelson, strongly condemns this heinous act. It is unacceptable that young people, all the more armed, settle their differences in this way. This will have to result in very, very heavy penalties. We need to make it clear that crime and other crimes must not go unpunished. »

The city has set up a psychological cell so that CCAS officers, witnesses and citizens can verbalize their suffering if they wish. In particular, witnesses were taken to the social prevention center.

The mayor finally renews his support for the family and relatives of the victim.


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