his YouTube video "Farewell girls" frightens Internet users (17 tweets)

his YouTube video “Farewell girls” frightens Internet users (17 tweets)

April 7, 2022, Squeezie released a clip titled “Goodbye girls“, and the latter is already accumulating, at the time of writing, more than 2.3 million views.

This video has been widely commented on, including his words, by netizens. The next verse, above all, sparked strong reactions on Twitter :

Hi guys (Hi), you’re less stupid (It’s sexist)
Finally, maybe (I mean?) But I want it to stop so I’ll do a test (Ok)

It only lasted one night
It had to last a lifetime (Oh)
I could see him putting on his hoodies
Do the spaghetti thing
(Ah, in La Belle et le Clochard?) With the sauce

It should be noted, however, that the rest of the lyrics have much less “meaning” if followed the way of thinking of said Internet users :

I’m going to put my baby in a big cucumber
I’m going to have two beautiful cucumber kids
How am I going to confuse them?
Too annoying, the cucumbers

For many internet users, however, this clip is for sure a kind of coming out disguised. The latter commented en masse on the release of the video, as you will see:


Squeezie: I really like Orelsan, that’s an example

2022: pic.twitter.com/W6FDHk4Nly

April 7, 2022


Squeezie every time he was making videos with maxence at the time pic.twitter.com/AZbU3E7Rbj

April 7, 2022


Do you think Squeezie is pic.twitter.com/Ek8dPGjM9y

April 7, 2022


If Squeezie came out to us it proves my point that he was far too perfect to be straight

April 7, 2022


So Squeezie just got laid back by Cyprien that’s why they talk to each other more LUNAR MDRRRR

April 7, 2022


-says about cucumber in the clip
-Squeezie who says he’s already slept with a guy
– the clip is called “goodbye girls”
So he made us come out there? pic.twitter.com/ipCDXyDkFK

April 7, 2022


wait baby mom has to tweet about the new squeezie clip ?????? pic.twitter.com/hYqO7xDLLP

April 7, 2022


Squeezie had warned us a long time ago pic.twitter.com/4osASrc7JS

April 7, 2022


Imagine under the pressure Squeezie he stress and he makes a coming out when he is not gay at all

April 7, 2022


the homophobia of the people dripping after the squeezie video there is too much, hide yourself, it’s a shame your words

April 7, 2022


so squeezie has ever slept with a man and it wasn’t me ??????

April 7, 2022


Squeezie who speaks openly about her bisexuality in her latest sound it’s just amazing I love her even more pic.twitter.com/a8X7u3Hn2l

April 7, 2022


People are more invested in Squeezie’s sexuality than theirs

April 8, 2022


you see TOO weird with squeezie the truth there is not so much talk about sexuality of qlqn jss burst the

April 8, 2022


the squeezos since the release of Squeezie’s latest music video pic.twitter.com/T98D6jZdnt

April 7, 2022


If you think that homosexuality has become commonplace and that we need to talk more about it and make jokes about it, just remember that Squeezie released a video that says “Goodbye girls” and it’s been 12 hours. people talk about it NON STOP

April 8, 2022


What? How was Squeezie in a relationship with Melenchon ??? The guy who confuses everything

April 8, 2022

And if you want to know what a big project Squeezie is preparingafter the release of his clip, you can consult our previous article on the subject.

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