Have pale skin, a factor that promotes migraines!

Have pale skin, a factor that promotes migraines!


  • Migraine affects 15% of the world’s population.
  • Melanin is a dark-colored natural pigment found in the skin, hair, hair and membrane of the eye.
  • Participants who reported sunbathing or UV sessions in the past three months were excluded from the study.

Populations with a relatively low melanin concentration, such as people in Europe, North America, and Australia, are most vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV rays. According to researchers at the University of Lodz in Poland, patients with a clear phototype are most at risk of developing skin cancer.

“Several neurological studies show that clear skin can alter the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. However, the association between migraine and skin pigmentation has not yet been studied.” they clarified. That’s why scientists decided to conduct a recent study in the journal Brain Sciences.

A link between skin pigmentation and migraine prevalence

As part of this work, the team recruited 148 people (33 men and 115 women) with migraines and 107 witnesses (43 men, 64 women), ie not having this headache. . In both groups, participants denied a history of skin disease, skin-related autoimmune disorders, and skin cancer. “Skin pigmentation parameters (melanin index, erythema index…) were measured using a dermospectrophotometer”, specified the authors.

The results showed an increased risk of migraine in adults with slightly pigmented skin. According to the scientists, participants with a low melanin index had a three-fold higher risk of migraine. “The clear phototype, which results from slightly pigmented skin, was associated with the prevalence of migraine. Migraine sufferers should take extra precautions to protect their skin from the negative effects of UV rays.” can be read in the conclusions of the study.

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