Haier's amazing ideas

Haier’s amazing ideas

Large appliances can also use the Internet and artificial intelligence to simplify our daily lives. This is the credo of the Haier Group, which has developed several new products that are at least original.

Is it really necessary to connect all the devices around us on a daily basis? Often considered gadgets for savvy geeks, home appliances today surpass this milestone with useful features for everyone. The advantage of connecting a light, a robot vacuum cleaner, a radiator or even an irrigation system to the Internet to control it from a smartphone is quite obvious. This aspect can be very practical in the day to day to manage all these devices whether or not present at home.

However, it is different for other appliances, especially those in the appliance category such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and even ovens. What good is this little extra to your internet connection and control using a smartphone app? Because, unlike a robot vacuum cleaner or a connected radiator that can operate autonomously, these large devices require, no matter what, human intervention. You need to keep filling the washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or putting preparations in the oven …

The answer from the manufacturers is simple: make them easier to use, lower the electricity bill and connect everything to third-party services to enjoy it better. In any case, this is what the manufacturer Haier has wanted to demonstrate during the Design Week held in Milan (Italy) from 6 to 12 June. Like other major manufacturers in the industry such as Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG and Electrolux, Haier (which also owns the brands Candy, Hoover and Rosières) does not hesitate to add a touch connected to all its ranges. Therefore, the oven, dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator are equipped with sometimes unexpected functions.

Detergent in the subscription

To use a washing machine, simply put the clothes in the drum, the detergent in the tray and choose the washing program. Basic. Haier is testing an innovation with the WashPass model. The machine (still in the testing phase and which should be available next year) has a compartment where four liquids are lined up, which are usually traditional detergents in the form of tablets, powders, liquids, etc. According to the manufacturer, each item is injected at a specific time during washing for greater efficiency. And to avoid running out of detergent, Haier applies the HP Instant Ink system set up for your printers to the washing machine. The user hires a subscription to receive the necessary consumables at home (including the different detergent liquids). And, before running out of fuel, the machine, connected to the Internet via WiFi, places an order to renew the stock. ” The parallels with HP’s Instant Ink service are obvious Vincent Rotger, President of Haier France and CSO Haier Europe. However, it is a little different because in this case, the use of this principle improves the quality of the wash where an ink cartridge … is still an ink cartridge Of course, the use of standard detergent is still possible.

Another fun innovation for those who do not want to worry about your washing machine, the Candy Rapido model. Here, all you have to do is leave your clothes in front of the washing machine and take a picture of them on your smartphone using the hOn app, the real home appliance management center of the Haier group. Artificial intelligence evaluates weight and colors – be careful, you can’t tell the difference between tissues! – and automatically sets the correct washing program.

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This same scheme is also used with the WashLens dishwasher. We take a picture of the contents of the dishwasher and the app tells us how to optimize the positioning of the different elements and proposes the washing parameters according to the degree of dirt and the amount of dishes to be washed.

The fridge that locates you

When you return from the supermarket, store all your groceries in the fridge. Suddenly, the indoor temperature rises and it takes some time to return to a normal level. To avoid this phenomenon, the Cube 90 Series 9 knows where you are when you go shopping. On the way home, the refrigeration will automatically increase so that the temperature is optimal once the food has been stored. It also has built-in cameras on the door that film the interior. A handy feature to check the contents of the fridge from the supermarket on the mobile screen. The large touch screen on the front also lets you view content. It also gives access to recipes and YouTube, for example.

The cook’s oven

An oven that not only cooks what you put inside, but also oversees your cooking and adapts on the fly. This is what Haier offers with Chef @ Home Series 6. Here is a large 28-inch touch screen on the door. It allows you to control everything that happens in the oven. The machine incorporates a camera supported by artificial assistance. This is able to detect the type of food present in the cavity and adapt the cooking cycle accordingly. It also uses the information transmitted by a wireless sensor (supplied) to define the central temperature of the food. The camera also allows you to monitor what is happening in the oven from your smartphone, which avoids having to stay close or open the door (and lose heat). Of course, you receive a notification on your mobile phone when everything is ready. Dozens of recipes are already planned to accompany this oven, all based on elements that AI is able to recognize.

© Haier

Additional services

So that the connected part of its devices is not limited to its use, Haier has also established partnerships with various companies. Thus, online services can be added to your hOn application, such as Jow, for example, which allows you to shop for yourself by ordering products that are among the recipes managed by the bakery according to your habits, or Vivino for supply the connected. cellar, whose temperature automatically adapts to the references of the bottles you put in it.

Finally, assistance is also a big advantage of connected appliances. ” Since the device is online, a technician can find out from a distance where the error is coming from and help you troubleshoot issues, such as resetting a feature. says Vincent Rotger. We save time and a trip “The fact is that all this integrated technology has a significant cost. Count € 850 for the WashLens Series 6 dishwasher, € 3,500 for the Cube 90 Series 9 refrigerator and € 2,000 for the Chef @ Home Series 6 oven.

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