Guinea: Djanii Alfa, the pro-democracy rapper who wants to raise awareness

Guinea: Djanii Alfa, the pro-democracy rapper who wants to raise awareness

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Activist rapper Djanii Alfa fought the drifts of the Alpha Condé regime. In his speeches, he denounced the crackdown, calling on the president to step down from his third term. Eight months after the fall of the former head of state, Djanii Alfa embarks on a new tour that is to take him to Dakar on May 28, Gambia from June 4 to 5 and France on July 16 for a concert at the Bataclan in Paris. The artist is still as committed, in favor of the success of the transition now.

From our correspondent in Conakry,

His militancy earned him a two-year exile. September 18, 2021, Djanii Alpha can finally return home. His fans are merging. With his fifth album entitled Chef Rebel, released in January, the rapper remains true to himself. « For me, rap remains an artistic discourse on the news », Assures Djanii Alfa. « My inspiration is from sight and experience. When I go into art retreat, that’s what I try to write and turn into music. »

He always follows the same strategy: ” In general, music is something that is only made for entertainment. So if I know you like to dance, I’ll try my best to give you a sound with melody, with a good dancing rhythm, that’s how I’m in your mood. Maybe you’ll lower your guard and I’ll give you the topic behind which I want to discuss. »

The double-sided Djanii Alpha

There is the Djanii Alfa, face A, with festive titles like Red Light. The Djanii Alfa, face B, he is contesting as on the song Same thing. He is concerned about the evolution of the transition in Guinea. He denounces recycling. The maintenance of the affairs of the former leaders of the Alpha Condé regime. Djanii Alfa explains:

The CNRD and all that are not our enemies. That’s why they need to be told that the people around them today are the ones who said, “Dadis must stay.” Dadis ended up taking a bullet in the head. The people around them today are the ones who told Alpha Condé. “It simply came to our notice then. If it’s not you, it’s nobody. ”

In March, he joined the national coordination of the FNDC to continue the fight for democracy in his country.


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