Groupama Race 2022: a 100% female crew

Groupama Race 2022: a 100% female crew

On June 19, the sailing tour of Caledonia, the Groupama Race 2022 organized by the Caledonian Nautical Circle and the Pacific Groupama will start. 21 boats are engaged in this adventure, and among them, a boat with on board, a crew composed only of women.

Records broken for this 7th edition of the Groupama Race with 17 Caledonian boats engaged and also the number of participants. They will be 28 women in the adventure. This is more than in 2018 and more than previous editions. Among them, Dove Girls Challenge recidivism with a 100% female crew.

Christine Gaillard, is number 1, she takes care of everything that happens in front of the boat.“She’s the one who prepares the front sails, smooths them and changes the tack from side to side, in partnership with the girls in the back.”

The Défi des Filles association aims to promote women’s sailing. In 2018, a first female crew was already formed. “It went so well that it was decided to resume the operation for 2022” explains Christine Gaillard.

The Groupama Race is a demanding race that requires a lot of energy and requires a lot of cohesion. The crew is ready for the challenge. “Participating in the Groupama race is not just a regatta but it’s really a project. We approach it all together: there is indeed the technical side, the food aspect which is very important … in the crew, we are all involved and we hope to wrap it up in a maximum of five days “ explains Sophie Barbier, in charge of crew communication.

The report by David Sigal, who trained the girls in Noumea.

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The Groupama Race is 650 nautical miles or about 1200 km to travel around the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

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