Grand Prix Idéa - Advertising creation: Dairy producers in Quebec (LG2)

Grand Prix Idéa – Advertising creation: Dairy producers in Quebec (LG2)

Grand Prix: As a spokesperson for Milk
This year, it’s a little guy from here who has won the hearts of Quebeckers and members of the jury. Advertising creation of the competition Idea. Thanks to their seamlessly strung integrated campaign, Quebec Dairy Producers et lg2 have been able to bring to life the many facets of milk and milk Laurent Duvernay-Tardif through executions all in their image. Be it the spots video developed at the time of the Superbowl, whose quality competed with the biggest brands on the planet; milk cabinets installed in grocery stores; displays where the “LDT” seal replaced the Milk seal or profile Facebook of the mythical Yvette, the campaign was brilliantly launched, through rich and unique content, but always perfectly consistent. It combines the excellence of all spheres of creation and testifies to months of precision work and reflection. Thanks to his studied approach at all levels, the result is breathtaking and the impact was felt immediately throughout the profession.

“Seeing this campaign for the very first time, my heart stopped beating. Each of his pieces is brilliant, ambitious, relevant, beautifully crafted. From its inception, it has become a benchmark for the industry and has quickly positioned itself as a serious competitor to the Grand Prix Advertising creation d ‘Idea. » – Anne-Claude Chénierchairman of the jury Advertising Creation and Senior Vice President, Creation, Cossette

Creative agency: lg2
Client: Quebec Milk Producers
Production house: Cinélande
Post-production house: Post430
Sound and music studios: BLVD, Circonflex
3D illustration studio: SHED
Media Agency: Touched!
Creation Vice President: François Sauvé
Creative direction: François Sauvé
Design-writing: Guillaume Bergeron, Guillaume Ferron, Jeremy Hervieux
Artistic direction: Marc Guilbault, Patrick Rochon, Colin Beaudin, Hang Tan Tang
Models: Joannie Rosa, Jean Landry, Christian Pocetti, Vincent Pérès, Elisa Vu, Mehdi Sedira
Vice-Chair of the Board: Marie-Christine Cayer
Consulting service: Karine Payette, Joannie Bélanger, Andréa Fortin, Frédérique Guay, Justine Trudeau
Vice President Strategy: Sophie-Annick Valley
strategy: Philippe Goudreault
Agency production: Valérie Lapointe, Isabelle Thouin
Production: Marie-Élisabeth Fouquet, Mélanie Thérien, Louis Dorval, Geneviève Demers, Laurent Trudel
Infographics: Frédéric St-Denis
HTML integration: Adrien Rioux-Richard, Cédrick Patenaude
Motion: Antoine Hallé
Marketing Management: Julie Gélinas
Main advice, advertising: Sara Bujold
Production: Sophie Gérard, Alex Ertaskiran
Realization: Jean-François Asselin
Photo direction: Steve Danyluk
Artistic direction: Jean-Marc Renaud
Editing: Mathieu Lebel, Guillaume Choquette
Sound and engineering: Sylvain Roux
Production: Heather Graham
Vice President, Group Leadership: Martin Soubeyran
Media: Gabrielle Côté, Simon Wautier, Hanna Zaoug, Elisabeth Larocque, Roxanne Lavoie-Drapeau

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