La photo de Arnaud Albert Chavatte

GOUTTE D’ALOUETTE has been prepared for this purpose.

Alain Chavatte will have four starters, Saturday at the Vichy Racecourse (R-4). Here are the impressions of his son Arnaud (photo). (by Stéphane Davy)

ALOUETTE DROP (105) should not be judged on his April performance in Toulouse. The start had been delayed for ten minutes due to a plate error. She was annoyed, and then she didn’t feel comfortable standing behind the autostart. And, last time, in Châteaubriant, his driver rushed. We must avoid putting it in the “red” at the beginning. She remains susceptible but she is “manageable” on leaving. The mare is fine. Over this long distance, we will try to preserve it at the beginning of the course. It’s a great race for her. To tell you the truth, she was prepared for this purpose. Also note that it will be plated from the previous ones for the first time. That should benefit him …

ALOUETTE FLASH (202) is no longer comfortable left rope. This is the reason for his failure in Maure-de-Bretagne. Before, in Caen, it wasn’t great. At his discharge, we had modified his hardware. On Saturday, he will be on track as he was in Cholet and Châteaubriant, where he ran well. It is not a matter of potential with him but above all of temperament. It’s hard for me to say yes to him. His heats will have to be monitored. If he is good at it, he has the means to participate in the finish.

JUNE OF BANVILLE (706) is an athletic horse. He did not miss his debut, winning in Royan in early May. You still have to be vigilant when you leave, but you’re a good foal. He is complete, able to go ahead and wait. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came to the top three. It can even prevail. Then we plan to put him to rest.

IQUEM SEVEN (816) remains on a failure at Meslay. After examination, it turned out to be “dirty”. He was treated, arrested for about ten days before resuming work. That is why it has not been reviewed since March. he has work behind him. It may not be 100%. He jumps to the second tier which still has wings but I consider him competitive to get a place among the top three. Be aware that he knows how to start fast and should be able to catch up with the horses in the first pole fairly quickly. “

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