Germany: Match notes

Germany: Match notes

After a heavy defeat against Argentina on Wednesday in the Finalissima (0-3), Italy had to quickly raise its head for this first match in the League of Nations against Germany. Since the elimination for the 2022 World Cup, Roberto Mancini’s training seemed unrecognizable. After lining up a quasi-standard team against Argentina, the Italian coach proposed a new eleven with no holders of the last Euro. Only Donnarumma was in the cages. For the rest, players who could seize their chances like Scamacca or Politano on the front of the attack.

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For their part, the Germans presented themselves with classics such as Müller, Neuer, Sané, Gnabry or Werner. In the continuity of its last matches, Italy was clearly dominated in the first minutes and Germany almost missed the opening goal. But by suffering without conceding a goal, the Italians regained confidence and dominated the debate. Fairer with the ball, cleaner in the transmissions, Tonali’s teammates were spinning a struggling German team. But the score did not move in the first 45 minutes.

Disappointing Germany

With the return of the locker room, Italy confirmed its good form and did not go far to open the score. Sassuolo striker Gianluca Scamacca, who was interesting in this match for lack of skill, missed his header in front of Manuel Neuer (47th). We had to wait for the first selection of the very young Wilfried Gnonto, who was playing his first minutes with Italy, offered the opening score to Pelligrini (71st).

But a few minutes later, Joshua Kimmich equalized (73rd). This Italian goal totally awakened the Germans who got many opportunities that Donnarumma pushed back every time. Despite the last German situations at the end of the game, the score did not move. The two teams therefore share points in this group 3 of Ligue A, which is led by Hungary, winner of England a little earlier in the day.

Match man: Donnarumma (7): the PSG goalkeeper had to stay focused on this match. His defenders put a lot of pressure on his foot game where he sometimes took risks against the German press. If he can’t do much about Kimmich’s shot, he was solid ahead of Gnbary (15th) and Musiala (78th), before a very nice double intervention on the young Munich and a new shot by Kimmich (79th).


  • Donnarumma (7): see above.

  • Florence (5.5): captain of AC Milan blew hot and cold. Rather defensively tough, he suffered a bit early in the game before letting the storm fall. He didn’t take much risks offensively, even though he was seen rising in the course of the game.

  • Acerbi (6): the solid defender made his match, showing his involvement at all times. His sometimes rough interventions relieved his defense, especially on Goretzka (12th, 14th). He was even seen countering the German midfield (38th). A good cover on Werner too (53rd) but he misses his interception in the surface that offers the goal of the equalizer to Kimmich (73rd).

  • Sticks (6): the Inter player had a lot to do to keep an eye on Werner’s mobile but he did pretty well in the end. He still hesitated what to do about a few interventions against Müller’s races. His header did well on the Italian surface and he even made an interesting breakthrough on the ball (18th). It is not uncommon at the start of the action leading to the goal of Kimmich (73rd).

  • Biraghi (4,5): his start to the game was really difficult. Not really helped by Pellegrini in his corridor, the left winger often found himself at the mercy of Henrichs and Gnabry. The Bayern player did not deprive himself to go and challenge him and take the lead (15th 26th). The Florentine showed more confidence afterwards, even taking risks with the ball (61st). Replaced by March (80th).

  • Frattesi (6): Italy also has a resource in its youth. For his 1st selection, the midfielder appeared full of confidence, not hesitating to take interesting initiatives. He was seen taking his chances (16th, 34th, 37th), combining in the short game with Tonali, Pellegrini or orienting, as on the post of Scamacca (35th). Replaced by Ricci (85th).

  • Cristante (4,5): probably the most discreet in the Italian midfield. First overwhelmed by the opposing team, he mostly ran after his opponents before straightening my bar a bit. Better later, he excelled in pressing and fighting.

  • Tonal (5.5): the brain in the middle of the field that has experienced weak and strong times. He struggled to get into this part, not finding the solutions, before enjoying more freedom after the release of the German press. He is, for example, the originator of this shot by Scamacca (9th), and later cannot take that good ball from his striker in front of Neuer (51st). Replaced by Pobega (80th).

  • Politano (5.5): a rather discreet first period where he was mostly seen defending before raising his voice. During the second period, he had a very strong time, multiplying the confusing races on the right side and varying his choices between a cross for Scamacca (47th) or a vicious strike rolled along the post (56th). Replaced by Gnonto (65th), who made a very good start to his 1st selection. The Zurich player hurt Kehrer on his side, taking the best and offering a decisive pass to Pellegrini (71st). Often rewarding choices.

  • Scamacca (5.5): the great striker fought hard to exist in this match but he always seemed a tone below. He could not be blamed for his debauchery of energy, going to the fight on every aerial duel, giving a little air to the block or freeing up space but he did not have much success with the ball in his feet. In particular, he has to do better on this shot on the post (35th) and on this head (47th). Replaced by Chancellors (85th)who took a yellow (90th + 4).

  • Pilgrims (6.5): probably the most consistent player on this encounter of all Italian offensives. He always looked to get ahead, to kick the ball with that double bridge (23rd) or to play smart on that header for Scamacca (54th). He is rewarded with a goal by pushing this new Gnonto incoming offering to the bottom. Warning (51st).


  • Neuer (5): the FC Bayern goalkeeper had a rather quiet match against the Italians. With no stops to make in the first period, he only made one in the second and couldn’t do much about opening the scoring (71st). Alert in the air, however, he was unsuccessful in his footwork.

  • Henrichs (5.5): rather applied the right side of RB Leipzig rarely got caught in his corridor and he tried to help the outposts, as when he served Goretzka well in the surface (13th). Replaced by Hoffman (59th).

  • Sole (6): Borussia Dortmund’s new defensive rock played a serious game. Rarely caught by Italian strikers, he hit many balls and was very clean in his rebounds, whether short or long.

  • Rüdiger (5.5): losing few balls and being rather applied in his central hinge, the new Real Madrid player was the author of several defensive clearances to relieve his team. However, he did not always emerge victorious from his duels.

  • Kehrer (4): lined up in a position of left winger he knows little about, the PSG winger did not perform well. Although the author of two interceptions, he was often beaten in duels, as when he was overwhelmed by the acceleration of the young Gnonto on the opening of the Italian score (70th).

  • Goretzka (5): the Munich bodybuilder played a good game even though he did not often emerge victorious from his duels (2/9). Present on the surface especially in the first period, he hit above the goal after a setback from Gnabry (26th).

  • Kimmich (7): very nice performance from the middle of the pocket of the Mannschaft. He was a disappointment, however, as he was unable to take advantage of the fact that his team was in the lead. The best German on the field was logically the one who, after following well on the surface, equalized for his team (72nd).

  • Health (3.5): the former Manchester City player did not make the best match of his career. Less provocative kicking than usual, he was also unsuccessful in the centers and in ground duels. He tried his luck from a distance but did not fall (9th). Replaced by Musiala (59th).

  • Woman (5): the eccentric Bavarian attacking midfielder scored a rather average 113th selection. Present at the beginning of the game he gradually lost influence over his team’s game. He was the author of a strike from the entrance of the area stopped by Florenzi (25th) and a key pass. Replaced by Havertz (70th)who was warned (83rd).

  • Gnabry (6.5): the Bayern Munich winger looked like he was on his feet this Saturday night. Attempting to provoke by dribbles (4/6) or accelerations, he made an interesting foray into the surface followed by a stop stopped by Donnarumma (14th), and a new number in the box to serve Goretzka back (26th) . Also good in duels he played a good game. Replaced by Raum (81st).

  • Werner (5): the Chelsea striker had no real chance to get under his feet but he offered many calls in depth and delivered 2 key passes. Generous but frustrating match for him. Warned at the end of the match (89th).

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