Gérard Piqué grilled by Shakira, the red card is immediate

Gérard Piqué grilled by Shakira, the red card is immediate

Singer Shakira and Barcelona defender Gérard Piqué, who have been one of the most glamorous couples in the last ten years, have ended their relationship.

Thunder in the world of people. The FC Barcelona defender, Gérard Piqué, is no longer in a relationship with the famous singer Shakira. And for good reason, according to information from the newspaper El Périodico, Gérard Piqué’s infidelity precipitated the couple’s separation. Shakira allegedly surprised the FC Barcelona defender with another woman. In shock, the Colombian immediately made the decision to leave Gérard Piqué. “The singer surprised him with another and they will break up. Piqué and Shakira have been in a sentimental crisis for several months. “ explains the media, for whom this separation is therefore not a surprise. Gérard Piqué and Shakira, who have several children together, no longer live under the same roof.

Gérard Piqué tricked Shakira

The Spanish people’s press also reveals that Gérard Piqué would not be traumatized by his new life as a bachelor. On the contrary, the FC Barcelona defender takes full advantage of this by increasing the number of night outs, some of which are with other players from the Catalan club, such as the young Riqui Puig. Despite twelve years of living together, Shakira and Gérard Piqué had not married. The Colombian singer had expressed her doubts about this ultimate commitment a few months ago. “I’m very scared of marriage, I don’t want him to see me as ‘THE WOMAN’, I’d rather he see me as a girlfriend… You see?” I want him to stay alert, I want him to think that anything is possible depending on his behavior. “ she had explained. This time, Gérard Piqué’s behavior precipitated the couple towards a separation that seems final.

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