Frédéric Lo and Peter Doherty at Art Rock: Daniel Darc, Clash and Poetry - Saint-Brieuc to the beat of Art Rock 2022

Frédéric Lo and Peter Doherty at Art Rock: Daniel Darc, Clash and Poetry – Saint-Brieuc to the beat of Art Rock 2022

How did your musical journey cross Peter Doherty’s?

Frédéric Lo: “Almost 20 years ago, I made an album called“ Crèvecœur ”with Daniel Darc. And like there with Peter, I was making music and playing instruments and Daniel was writing and singing. And a while ago, I came up with the idea of ​​making a tribute album to Daniel, I contacted a few artists for this not-yet-finished album, Jane Birkin, Étienne Daho, Dominique A and Michel Houellebecq. I asked Peter if he was interested, I met him, and I played the song “Useless and Out of Use.” In English, it became “Without Use and All Used Up”. It moved him a lot and we instantly became friends. When we met again in Étretat to record the song, it went very well! So afterwards we opened a bottle of champagne and he asked me if it told me to keep doing things together. That’s how the adventure started. ”

How did your artistic journeys with Peter Doherty feed into each other?

“Already, we have a kind of common background. I’ve always claimed my love of English pop, from the Beatles to the Smiths to Blur. Then I really like literature and poetry. I have often worked with artists who have a good literary background, be it Daniel, Alex Beaupain, Stephan Eicher with Philippe Djian, for example. Peter has been living in France for a long time. He likes literature a lot, he likes Rimbaud a lot, like me I can love Oscar Wilde had both our journey. As he is fifteen years younger, he was produced by Mick Jones of Clash, but he never saw Clash on stage. I have seen them several times. It was done completely naturally and without calculation. “

The four weeks in a mansion in Étretat resulted in a record, admittedly melancholy but with mostly bright and inspired melodies. Is it due to the atmosphere of this year 2020?

“Yes. What was amazing was that Peter lives near Étretat, and I was lent a house in Étretat to record with him, the one on the album cover. We found ourselves in an enchanted parenthesis at the time of the second wave of the pandemic. At the same time, he was calm because he didn’t have a tour, everything was stopped. And at the same time, we were living a musical and friendly adventure, intense and joyful in a somewhat obscure moment. It was both extraordinarily rich and strange at the same time. ”

In addition to you and Peter Doherty, eight musicians appear on this record, “The Fantasy Life Of Poetry Crime.” What will happen on Sunday on the big Art Rock stage?

“We haven’t stopped changing the formula. In Saint-Brieuc, we will have a rather intimate version. I will be on acoustic guitar; Katia, Peter’s wife, on keyboards; a violinist, and Peter sings and maybe he will play guitar on one or two pieces. We did versions where we were ten. There will be two boys and two girls, a more acoustic version that can be just as interesting. We want it to never be the same. We love when we can send a little and also when it’s on the wire ”.

Frédéric Lo in concert at Y’a Skiff, in Saint-Brieuc, in 2019. (Le Télégramme / Yannick Derrien)

Have you ever played in Saint-Brieuc?

“I played Art Rock, with Daniel Darc, in front of Miossec, in 2004. And then I also played Y’a Skiff in 2019, with Filip Chrétien, musician and singer from Rennes. We became friends because he loves “Crèvecœur” and he sent me his records. That was the beginning of our friendship and we still see each other. “

How do you feel about this tour?

“We’ve had a crazy reception everywhere!” Every time I find it crazy. In Paris, we were “sold out” three months before, when we had already played in Studio 105 in front of 1,000 people. We did it again three days after a “sold out” Winter Circus, and then in Berlin, Amsterdam, London, I thought it was great! »

Frédéric Lo and Peter Doherty at Art Rock: Daniel Darc, Clash and Poetry

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