For its 45 years, the Puy du Fou transforms its famous gladiator arena

For its 45 years, the Puy du Fou transforms its famous gladiator arena

This is probably the most emblematic attraction of the Puy du Fou. The one that helped change the size of the Vendée site to the point of becoming the second most visited theme park in France behind Disneyland. Developed in 2001, the show “The Sign of Triumph” taking place in a 7,000-seat Gallo-Roman stadium will see a new version starting this Saturday, the opening date of the 2022 season of the Puy du Fou. Gladiator fights and spectacular tank racing are still on the agenda but the scenario will give way to an additional event taking place in the center of the arena.

The Imperial Galley will be deployed in the center of the arena. – Puy du Fou

About a hundred elements of decoration will be put into action to reveal, in a few seconds, a huge imperial galley (40 m long, 15 m high). A nautical battle against the rafts of “Gallic prisoners” will then take place before the eyes of the 7,000 spectators.

Two events for the fall

This novelty comes as the Puy du Fou celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. Two special events will be created for the occasion: the Night of the Goblins on September 16 and the Giants’ March on October 8 and 9. The first is a fireworks competition that brings together three seasoned pyrotechnics specialists. The second is one night running (10 or 19 km) in the alleys of the park only lit by torches.

The Puy du Fou, which employs about 2,500 people, had 2.3 million visitors in 2019, just before the health crisis. The turnout was at least 30% lower last year.

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