Football PSG - PSG: Qatar "screws up" football, Javier Tebas explodes!

Football PSG – PSG: Qatar “screws up” football, Javier Tebas explodes!

PSG’s main enemy, Spanish Liga president Javier Tebas has once again set fire to Paris Saint-Germain and its Qatari owner.

Scorched by Neymar’s departure at Paris Saint-Germain Five years ago, Javier Tebas has been the capital’s No. 1 public enemy since this episode. Lionel Messi’s departure to PSG has not settled things and this summer it was the aborted transfer of Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid that frustrated Javier Tebas, who was already imagining the prodigy of Paris Saint-Germain in his league . On the sidelines of an event organized by Europa Press, a Spanish agency, Javier Tebas took advantage of the microphone held out to him to, once again, stun the Qatari leaders of Paris SG with criticism and reproach. Javier Tebas accuses the capital club of “screwing up” football and names Nasser Al-Khelaïfi.

Tebas frontally attacks Al-Khelaïfi and PSG

“I will not answer the president of the French league (Vincent Labrune). We will not let a European team destroy the ecosystem of European football. The complaint we are going to file with UEFA has already been drafted. These are not postures, these are objective economic data. PSG extends Mbappé, it is impossible if there is no deception in sponsorship or capital contributions higher than those allowed by UEFA. This is not a French problem, it is a problem of the European football ecosystem. We are like the Robins of the European Woods, I have spoken to other leagues, some will join us. Listen to Nasser, what you’re doing is screwing up football. It’s as dangerous as the Super League project. We, when we denounced the Neymar case, we denounced two clubs, City and PSG. Both clubs have been sanctioned by UEFA. What happened? In a very strange decision, both were pardoned. “ has launched Javier Tebas, who does not intend to let go of Manchester City and PSG, two clubs he regularly calls “state clubs” and which he has been fighting hard for years as president of the Spanish Liga, multiplying for example the lawsuits. Not very successful at the moment though.

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