Foot OL - Lacazette on display, the OL market promises fire!  - Olympique Lyonnais

Foot OL – Lacazette on display, the OL market promises fire! – Olympique Lyonnais

If Alexandre Lacazette’s return to OL delighted Lyon fans, he surprised some observers who saw him go to a club that qualified for the European Cup. Beyond the love of the coat of arms, Jérôme Rothen sees it as the premise of an ambitious OL market.

After the disappointing eighth place of theOL in Ligue 1, Jean-Michel Aulas wanted to rectify the shooting for this summer market. The least one can say is that he hit hard from the start. We are only at the beginning of June and it has already been agreed that Alexandre Lacazette will postpone the Lyon jersey next season. A return well received by Lyon fans, admiring this Gone from the team that had scored 129 goals in 275 games during his seven years at OL. They weren’t much to bet on a return from Lacazette as early as this summer. At the end of his contract at Arsenal, he could aim higher with clubs qualifying for the European Cup next season, which is not the case with OL.

Lacazette is back, so OL is preparing for a great summer

If for some the choice of Lacazette is curious, it mainly reflects the love that the striker has for his training club. A link that did not stop him from making sports and financial concessions for next season. However, Jérôme Rothen believes that this cannot be enough. In his show Rothen Fires on RMC, he explained that Alexandre Lacazette had obtained guarantees from the OL regarding sports policy this summer.

« This is good for Lyon fans because he had to be reassured by the sports policy of the Lyonnais. […] He is still in his prime, he is not 35 years old. So he had to be reassured by the project. In my opinion, he feels ambition on the side of Olympique Lyonnais He said. So we can expect other great signings for the Rhone club, which will have to have a much better level to regain its luster and C1. A competition that remains rooted in the spirit of Lacazette and what could be better than playing it with his favorite club?

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