five things to remember from the initial findings of the commission of inquiry, which points to Donald Trump's responsibility

five things to remember from the initial findings of the commission of inquiry, which points to Donald Trump’s responsibility

What really happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021? A parliamentary committee of inquiry has begun to render its conclusionsThursday, June 9, opening a series of auditions. For nearly a year, this House of Representatives group of seven Democrats and two Republicans has heard more than a thousand witnesses, including two children of the former U.S. president, to shed light on the facts and actions. Donald Trump’s precise before, during and after this event that shook American democracy. Here are the things to keep in mind.

1Donald Trump was “at the center” of a “coup attempt”

An unbridled crowd in the corridors of Congress, elected officials crawling on the ground with gas masks … Protesters stormed the seat of the US Parliament on January 6, 2021 after “encouragement” of former President Donald Trump, according to Bennie Thompson, head of the parliamentary inquiry committee. “President Trump summoned the crowd, gathered the crowd and lit the wick of this attack.”said Liz Cheney, one of the few Republican elected officials to agree to serve on the commission.

“January 6 was the culmination of a coup attempt. (…) Donald Trump was at the center of this plot.”

Bennie Thompson, head of the parliamentary committee of inquiry

during the first public hearing at the Capitol

Serious allegations against Donald Trump that are expected to be substantiated in the coming days. “It will be in the interest of the next sessions to know how involved they are and especially in coordination with the riotersexplained the US specialist Corentin Sellin on franceinfo on Friday.


In the midst of the hearing, Donald Trump, for his part, continued to praise the assault on the Capitol, described as “The Greatest Movement in History to Make America Great”. Whoever describes this survey as “witch hunt” accused the parliamentary committee on its social network, Truth Social, of being biased and reiterated its allegations of electoral fraud.

2Unpublished (and very violent) images of the assault unveiled

In support of its findings, the commission released unreleased and extremely violent images of this winter day when thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered in Washington to denounce the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

These videos show a human tide storming Congress headquarters, attacking police officers, calling for “hang” Vice President Mike Pence and a protester reading Donald Trump’s tweets on the megaphone amid a delirious crowd. “It wasn’t a tourist visit to the Capitol,” launched Bennie Thompson in reference to those in the Republicans who brandished this argument.

3Police compare Capitol area to “war zone”

The commission also received testimony from policewoman Caroline Edwards, the first law enforcement officer to be injured by riot police on Jan. 6. She compares the surroundings of the Capitol to “a war zone”. “I was slipping on people’s blood, she confided. It was carnage, it was chaos, I can’t even describe what I saw. “

The policewoman “said she was never prepared for that, to experience such a scenecomments Corentin Sellin to franceinfo. It was very impressive. The reactions of the audience were sometimes heard on the spot. One could really feel both the emotion and the impact of these images and testimonies, which were a reminder of how violent this riot has marked the history of the United States. It was a very strong moment in that first audition. “

4A documentary filmmaker recounts the role of a far-right militia during the attack

Another testimony, as close as possible to the event, marked the spirits. Documentary author Nick Quested, whose team was following the Proud Boys’ far-right militia during the assault, said he was shocked by the “anger” which he saw among the members of the group.

The documentalist also claims that the militia planned a Capitol attack well before January 6, 2021 with another far-right organization, the Oath Keepers, reports The New York Times (in English). Images show the leaders of the two organizations meeting on January 5 and spotting around the Capitol on the day of the invasion.

5A Republican-criticized poll

The majority of Republicans reject the work of this commission of inquiry. House Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy denounces the commission “the most political and legitimate in the history of the United States”. His party has already promised to bury the work of this commission if it takes control of the House in the midterm elections in November.

The images of this hearing were not released by the country’s most conservative media, a new illustration of the deep political divide that divides the United States.

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