Find out if someone has blocked your number on Android phone

While the call blocking feature in Android phones is useful for blocking spam callers, it can also be used unfairly to block genuine callers for personal and other reasons. In this article, we offer you a pretty accurate way to find out if someone has blocked your number on Android phone.

Find out if someone has blocked your number on Android phone

As mentioned above, it is entirely possible that someone is using the call blocking feature on their Android phone to avoid your calls. It’s also possible that someone accidentally added your phone number to the block list.

Either way, it’s worth checking whether or not your contact has blocked your phone number on their Android phone.

Luckily, there are certain ways to find out if someone really blocked your number. In this article, we will show you several methods to find out if someone has blocked your number, so you can be sure that your number has indeed been blocked.

1. Call the contact you think blocked your number

Just pick up your android phone and call the phone number of the person you think has blocked your phone number on his/her android phone.

When you call the person, take notes and pay close attention to what is happening during the call.

1.1. Does the phone ring normally as it should (at least 5 to 15 rings)

1.2 The phone rings only once or not at all and is abruptly diverted to voicemail.

1.3. Next, try calling that contact a few more times and see if your calls are redirected to voicemail each time you try to call the number.

Calls that go straight to voicemail or are abruptly redirected to voicemail after a single ring are generally considered strong indicators of a blocked number.

However, you also need to consider other possibilities, e.g. B. Your contact’s phone is off for some reason. It’s also possible that your contact temporarily set all calls to go straight to voicemail and forgot to remove that setting.

2. Send a WhatsApp message to the contact

WhatsApp has over a billion subscribers, there is a good chance your contact is on WhatsApp. If your contact is on WhatsApp, you can send a WhatsApp text message and see what happens to your message.

2.1. Send a very easy WhatsApp text message to the contact to confirm that he/she received your message.

2.2. Once you’ve sent the message, start looking for checkmark next to the sent message (see image below).

Tick ​​for sent WhatsApp messages

You’ll see the first tick as the message leaves your phone. The second tick appears when the message arrives on the recipient’s phone.

However, if your message only gets a tick, this confirms that your contact has most likely blocked you on WhatsApp as well. This makes it more likely that your number has also been blocked from contacts on your Android phone.

2.3. If your message gets two ticks, keep watching the ticks and see if they are there turn blue.

If the ticks turn blue, this confirms that your contact actually saw your text message. Since your request is so simple, your contact shouldn’t have a hard time replying with a short sentence.

Blue tick on WhatsApp message

If your contact doesn’t reply (even after seeing your message), it sort of confirms that your contact isn’t interested in getting in touch with you and has most likely blocked your phone number.

Analysis of the results

The possibility of your phone number being blocked on the contacts Android phone is more than likely if you are unable to reach that contact, either through a call or by sending a WhatsApp text message, and you will also notice the following signs.

1. Your calls are diverted to voicemail after 1 ring or immediately.

2. You hear a busy signal and the call ends.

3. You can only see a tick next to your sent WhatsApp message to that contact.

Final step to confirm your number has been blocked

The steps above should be good enough to give you a reasonably accurate guess that your phone number has most likely been blocked, otherwise there is no logical explanation for not being able to reach a person by phone or email.

However, you can also try this last step to confirm and get direct confirmation that your number has been blocked by your contact for sure.

1. Turn off caller ID and make a call

Turn off Caller ID on your Android phone by following these steps and try to call the contact. The idea in this case is to hide your number from the contact and see if your contact answers the call or not.

1. open that phone App on your Android phone.

2. Then tap More (or the 3-bar menu icon) in the top-right corner of your screen.

More icon in Android Phone app

3. From the menu that appears, tap Settings.

Phone Settings tab on Android

4. On the next screen, tap More settings (or Advanced Settings).

5. Tap on Show my caller ID

Caller ID options on Android phone

6. Tap on the pop-up menu hide number and tap Cancel to exit the caller ID menu.

Hide caller id option on android phone

Now call your contact’s phone number with caller id hidden and watch closely what happens with your call.

This time, your phone number isn’t visible to your contact, and you should be able to do one of the following observations in case your contact really blocked your number.

1. Your contact can answer the call without knowing you are calling. This confirms with certainty that your contact is able to take calls but for some reason is not picking up your calls.

2. Your contact phone will ring normally this time and will not be abruptly redirected to voicemail. This confirms that your contact has set your number to go directly to voicemail.

3. Your contact can reject the call by muting you since he/she can recognize your voice. In this case, you do not need any further proof.

In all of these cases, it is logical to assume that your phone number has most likely been blocked by that particular contact.

Note: Caller ID blocking will not work on your Android phone if this feature has been disabled by your network operator. In such a case, you can try calling from another phone.

Optional method: Remove contact from your contact list

Here is another way to confirm if your number has been blocked by your contact on his/her Android phone. Check if this method works on your Android phone.

1. open that Contacts app on your Android phone.

2. Find the contact you think blocked your number and tap contact name

3. On the contact’s home screen, tap More from the top right corner of your screen.

Another option on the contact page on the Android phone

4. Then tap Extinguish in the little menu that pops up.

Delete contact on android phone

5. You will see a popup, tap on it Extinguish to confirm that you want to delete this contact.

6. After removing the contact, start composing a new message by beginning to type your contact’s name in the field To the section of the message (see image below).

Compose an email on an Android phone

Note: Make sure the All Contacts tab is active while typing the contact’s name.

Your contact’s name should immediately appear as a suggested contact, unless your contact has blocked your number.

If the name of the contact does not appear As a suggested contact, you will receive another confirmation that your contact has indeed blocked your number on their Android phone.


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