Fights between two bears in Spain: the female and her bear found alive

Fights between two bears in Spain: the female and her bear found alive

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The bear attacked by a male bear in Spain was eventually found alive, along with its cub. A rescue team is monitoring their progress.

The images are violent. They were filmed in Spain, in the Cantabrian Mountains, on Sunday, June 5, by an amateur videographer. A male bear attacked a female accompanied by her teddy bear. A brawl on the top of a cliff that ended in the fall of the two animals.

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On Twitter, the organization Nature Castilla y Leónexplained that at this time of year, “it is common for mothers to have to defend their young against the attacks of males who seek to bring them back in the heat.”

If the male eventually died from his injuries, the female, seriously injured, returned to pick up the teddy bear. But their reunion could not be confirmed, let alone become. Research has been conducted to locate them.

Under surveillance

And it’s a done deal. According to the regional daily El Diario Montanes, search teams found the dead bear on Monday. Following the traces of blood left by the bear, they arrived at a cave. With endoscopic cameras, they were able to observe that the bear was still alive and nursing its baby. As the Spanish media reported in a June 8 article, the discovery came as a surprise to rescuers who originally planned to capture the teddy bear to make it safe.

On Wednesday, remote monitoring of the condition of the female and her teddy bear continued via cameras. Teams were unable to determine the extent of the bear’s injuries, according to El Diario, a refugee in a gallery of more than 15 meters, with narrows and wells. Food and water are deposited in different places in the cave and monitoring continues.

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