FC Barcelona – Mercato: Laporta makes a big decision on a Super League background

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Two days ago, the Spanish media announced that Barça was able to get € 740 million into the coffers as soon as possible. Notably by signing the deal between CVC and La Liga, which would bring in € 270 million and thus recruit a size this summer. However, the truth of the day is not that of the Blaugrana in the midst of a financial crisis. And this Thursday, there is no question of signing the famous pact with HVAC!

The reason? This would prevent FC Barcelona from committing to the Super League, with the contract signed between the three parties providing for a clause against the new competition. However, Joan Laporta does not want to close the doors of the SL, for which he is strongly campaigning with Real Madrid and Juventus Turin. The direct consequence is that there will be no immediate cash flow, and therefore players will be sold, including Frenkie De Jong. Although the Dutchman has stated that he wants to stay in the club of his dreams, today he is the best market value among the items that could be sold …

To summarize

While FC Barcelona had the opportunity to put more than € 200 million into the coffers by accepting the deal between La Liga and CVC, Joan Laporta has decided to explore other options. Because signing this pact would exclude the Blaugrana from the Super League.

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