everything you need to know about Extra and Premium offers

everything you need to know about Extra and Premium offers

Sony has launched its new subscriptions to PlayStation Plus in France. PS4 and PS5 owners can now upgrade their multiplayer access to two additional premium levels designed to compete with Xbox Game Pass. We tell you everything you need to know.

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the the new PlayStation Plus is here, through three subscription offers: PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart.

What’s new for PlayStation Plus? What are the differences between the offers? What prices?

No more PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now … The new subscription is now divided into three levels: PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra and PS Premium.

Of the offer Essential, Sony promises two games offered each month. There is also multiplayer mode, you will also find exclusive promotions, content as well. In other words, this Essential offering is similar to the traditional PlayStation Plus you know so far.

Options Essential Extra Premium
At least 2 PS4 and PS5 games are offered each month
Access to multiplayer
Exclusive promotions
Exclusive content
online storage
Catalog of hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games
Catalog of PS, PS2, PSP Classic and PS3 Rematers games
Trial versions
cloud games
Prices 8.99 euros for 1 month
24.99 euros for 3 months
59.99 euros for 12 months
13.99 euros for 1 month
39.99 euros for 3 months
99.99 euros for 12 months
16.99 euros for 1 month
49.99 euros for 3 months
119.99 euros for 12 months

As you can see in the table above, the offer Extra includes a catalog of several hundred PS3 and PS4 games. Sony mentions 400 games.

IOS image (15)
The catalog of several hundred games

Finally, the PlayStation Plus Premium offers most services. We find, in addition to all the above services, 340 additional games of PS1, PS2, PSP or PS3 to download or play, access to streaming games in cloud games on PC (formerly called Playstation ara), as well as limited time trial versions to test a game before you buy it.

IOS image (2)

If you have already subscribed to a PlayStation Now subscription, you will automatically benefit from the higher Premium rate, billed accordingly. It was too a good plan we discussed. As an alternative to monthly payment, three- and 12-month payment methods are available for all PlayStation Plus subscriptions, allowing up to a 41% global discount.

What games are in the Sony catalog?

It is difficult to list the games included in the offers PlayStation Plus Extra and Premiumhowever Sony provided a first list of games:

  • Alienation | Housemarque, PS4
  • Transmitted by blood | From Software, PS4
  • Genius of concrete | Pixelopus, PS4
  • Days Gone | Bend Studio, PS4
  • Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition | Housemarque, PS4
  • Death Stranding and Death Stranding Director’s Cut | Kojima Productions, PS4 / PS5
  • The souls of demons | Bluepoint Games, PS5
  • AllStars destruction | Lucid Games, PS5
  • Everyone is golf | Japan Studio, PS4
  • Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut | Sucker Punch, PS4 / PS5
  • God of war | Santa Monica Studio, PS4
  • Gravity Rush 2 | Japan Studio, PS4
  • Remastered Gravity Rush | Japan Studio, PS4
  • Horizon Zero Dawn | Guerrilla, PS4
  • First infamous light | Sucker Punch, PS4
  • Infamous second son | Sucker Punch, PS4
  • toc | Japan Studio, PS4
  • LittleBigPlanet 3 | Sumo Digital, PS4
  • LocoRoco Remastered | Japan Studio, PS4
  • LocoRoco 2 remastered | Japan Studio, PS4
  • The Marvel Spider-Man | Insomniac Games, PS4
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales | Insomniac Games, PS4 / PS5
  • Subject matter |Housemarque, PS4
  • Medievil | Other Ocean, PS4
  • Patapon Remastered | Japan Studio, PS4
  • Patapon 2 Remastered | Japan Studio, PS4
  • Resogun | Housemarque, PS4
  • Return | Housemarque, PS5
  • Shadow of the colossus | Japan Studio, PS4
  • Designed Tearaway |Media Molecules, PS4
  • The last guardian | Japan Studio, PS4
  • The Last of Us remastered | Naughty Dog, PS4
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind | Naughty Dog, PS4
  • Until dawn | Supermassive Games, PS4
  • Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection |Naughty Dog, PS4
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End | Naughty Dog, PS4
  • Uncharted: The lost legacy | Naughty Dog, PS4
  • WipEout Omega Collection | Clever Beans and Creative Vault Studios, PS4
  • ashes | Annapurna interactivePS4
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla *** | Ubisoft, PS4 / PS5
  • Batman: Arkham Knight | WB Games, PS4
  • Celestial | Maddy Makes Games, PS4
  • Cities: Skylines | Paradox Interactive, PS4
  • Control: Ultimate Edition | 505 games, PS4 / PS5
  • Dead cells| Motion Twin, PS4
  • Far Cry 3 Remaster*** | Ubisoft, PS4
  • Far Cry 4*** | Ubisoft, PS4
  • Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition | Square Enix Co. LTD, PS4
  • By Honor*** | Ubisoft, PS4
  • Hollow Knight | Cherry Team, PS4
  • Guardians of the Marvel Galaxy | Square Enix Co. LTD., PS4 / PS5
  • Mortal Kombat 11 | WB Games, PS4 / PS5
  • Narutoshippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 | Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., PS4
  • NBA 2K22 | 2K, PS4 / PS5 games
  • Exterior wilds | Annapurna Interactive, PS4
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 | Rockstar Games, PS4
  • resident Evil | Capcom Co., Ltd, PS4
  • Soulcalibur VI | Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., PS4
  • South Park: The Fractured but Whole*** | Ubisoft, PS4
  • The artistic escape | Annapurna Interactive, PS4 / PS5
  • The Crew 2 *** | Ubisoft, PS4
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division*** | Ubisoft, PS4

What are the differences with Xbox Game Pass?

Contrary to Xbox Game Pass, the new PlayStation Studios games will not be offered as soon as they are released on the PlayStation Plus offer. Only PS Plus Premium subscribers will be able to access a demo of the games, and Sony doesn’t even promise to offer all of its titles in demo form.

Where can you compare Xbox Game Pass with a “netflix video game», Precisely because Microsoft offers content for its first subscription service. In an interview with Gamesindustryexplains Jim Ryan, who is the head of PlayStation “our games could suffer if offered directly on the PS Plus“.

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