Cameroon "goes to Qatar to win", according to Eto'o

Eto’o passes a big soap to the Cameroonian players despite their victory in Burundi

The new president of the Cameroonian Federation, Samuel Eto’o, had little taste for the performance of the indomitable Lions on Thursday against Burundi (0-1) in the qualifiers for the CAN 2023. And the former striker did not did not fail to let the players know in the locker rooms after the match.

Qualified in extremis for the next World Cup in Qatar after his suspenseful match against Algeria at the end of MarchCameroon began their preparations with a success against Burundi (0-1) on Thursday in the qualifiers for the next Africa Cup of Nations (CAN), which will take place in 2023.

However, this narrow success, thanks to a goal from Lyon’s Karl-Toko Ekambi, did not please the high authorities of Cameroonian football, starting with the President of the Federation, Samuel Eto’o. In office for a few months, he has not, so to speak, appreciated at all what he has seen. After the victory of the Indomitable Lions, he did not bother to go to the locker room and pass a big soap to the players.

“If you want to be part of the trip to Qatar, you have to move guys”

Images shared by the Federation show the former striker addressing Cameroon internationals. “I’m not happy, I’m not happy at all. You represent the national team of Cameroon. I don’t care who is in front of you, you have to do the job. I cried for several years because I missed my World Cups, but I knew what problems I had. And it’s not going to happen as long as I’m president, “he warns before continuing his speech.

“I took this presidency to change things and places will be expensive. Nobody has a guaranteed place in this team. Whoever wants to come and wear the jersey of Cameroon, he does his job or he will not come and I will be I’ve been sitting there in your place for 26 years, I know what you’re thinking, you say to yourself, “You bastard.” But I’ve been the best and I know why I missed I will give you everything, even my life, so that you are in the best conditions (…) Cameroon, there is nothing more beautiful, I will give my life for my country and I will get where “I want to, with or without you. If you want to be part of the journey, you guys have to move. Don’t be sure to be on the World Cup list, if that’s what I saw tonight.” Thursday, ed.), you will not be there. I need a lot more, I dream of winning this World Cup. My first challenge is to make my group humanly good, happy to live together. “

Samuel Eto’o expressed his ambition and emotions for several minutes, all in front of the coach, Rigobert Song, impassive, right next door. The president of the Federation had already cracked such a speech last January during the CAN, after the draw against Cape Verde (1-1), demanding more joy in the locker room.

While the Indomitable Lions will not return to competition until September after the playoffs, they have been warned: their president will be watching their upcoming outings with special attention …

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