Elizabeth II's Jubilee: Boris Johnson's young wife dares a very flashy look!

Elizabeth II’s Jubilee: Boris Johnson’s young wife dares a very flashy look!

A movie buff, she loves watching trailers and historical moments on television. The upcoming James Bond or Barack Obama’s inaugural speech give him the same thrills.

If for once Queen Elizabeth II opted for a pale color, the country’s first lady, Carrie Johnson, opted for a super flashy pink for the Trooping the Color military parade! An important parade that is part of the sovereign’s jubilee weekend festivities.

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is in the first lodges of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Elizabeth II. If the 57-year-old politician wore a particularly sober suit in shades of gray, his wife Carrie (34) dared a very flashy dress for the Trooping the Color parade, which can be translated as “Hello to the colors”. It thus corresponds to the theme of the event of June 2, 2022, not going unnoticed with its total look pinker than ever.

Trooping the Color is a military gathering dating back to 1748, the occasion to celebrate Elizabeth’s official birthday. This parade takes place at Horse Guards Parade, every year on the second Saturday in June. For this very special military parade as it is part of the prestigious jubilee that marks the seventy years of the Queen’s reign, British First Lady Carrie Johnson has chosen a bright pink outfit signed by the brand general public & Other Stories. She likes this color since she had already chosen it at the G7 summit last year. Her husband warmly congratulated and paid tribute to his queen on Twitter, ending his message with the must-see. “God Save the Queen! “

One joyous event that brings Britain together whole and beyond, but if the presence of the 96-year-old sovereign filled British citizens with joy on this first day of festivities, she is weakened by a new announcement: Elizabeth II must have cancel his arrival at the traditional Mass of St. Paul’s Cathedral because of his health and especially his fatigue.

Once the Jubilee festivities are over, Boris Johnson will find himself facing his big files, including the scandal of the Partygatea case in which his own wife is involved and which has been leading the Conservative government for six months. The publication last week of an administrative report detailing the extent of anti-Covid rule violations in Downing Street has sparked new calls for resignation. A fine – never seen for an incumbent Prime Minister – has been called for.full responsibility for everything that happened“but esteemed duty “continue” his work during an interview on the site dedicated to the education of children mumsnet.com.

The scandal has already dropped in popularity, with heavy setbacks for the Conservatives in local elections in early May. In particular, it maintained its leading role in the Western response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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