Drinking water would help to lose weight

Drinking water would help to lose weight

According to researchers, water is the best ally for people who want to lose weight. So you need to drink it regularly, and each time a normal amount, not just a drop. They explain why in the rest of this article especially related to our Wellness section.

Natural appetite suppressant

Obviously, when you drink water, it fills a place in your stomach, which automatically reduces the urge to eat by giving you a feeling of satiety. Once full, your stomach has no choice but to order your brain not to eat by sending signals to it. Not only do you need to drink water regularly, but drinking a certain amount before each meal is a plus to contribute to weight loss. Suddenly, drinking a glass of water before eating would help decrease the urge to snack, one of the practices that quietly contributes to weight gain.

« In a 2014 study, participants drank at least 500 ml of water about 30 minutes before each meal, in addition to their regular water intake. After eight weeks, they noticed a decrease in weight, body fat, and decreased appetite. Reports Health Magazine.

It helps eliminate waste and burn calories

Scientific research has also confirmed that a reasonable presence of water in the body helps burn calories. His researchers concluded that cold water is even more effective in that ” the body expends even more energy and therefore calories to heat the fluid it digests ».

Drinking water is also a good way to protect you from indigestion and diarrhea. Water makes it easier to dispose of waste by turning it into urine or feces. And it is also a perfect ally for the kidney cleansing. It filters out toxins while helping your body preserve electrolytes and nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. While if your body is short of water, it will be very difficult to do all this work on its own, so you may get sick.

According to one study conducted in 2016 (on animals), it is also thanks to water that the body is able to properly process the accumulated carbohydrates and fats. Don’t rely on the idea that drinking too much water will make you fat. Conversely, when you are dehydrated, you run the risk of bloating and your kidneys are struggling to get rid of waste properly.

Basically, always drink a reasonable amount of water. It’s better than doing the opposite.



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